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Spitzer’s Corner, the Lower East Side Gastropub

13 Oct


So the other night, I met up with my awesome doctor friend Julie for drinks and she said, “The baby’s hungry, how about we go to Spitzer’s cause they have awesome truffle mac n’ cheese?” She being ‘the baby’ and me being sold at ‘mac’. Obviously, I concurred.

As someone who spent the better part of their undergrad on the inside of a Kraft mac and cheese box, I have a soft spot for this wonderful side dish. So anyone who opts to sexy it up becomes simply put, my favourite. My favourite what, you ask? No, just that, my favourite. The chef at Spitzer’s is now my favourite. He/she/it was thinking solely of me (and maybe a bit about Julie) when they truffled up that mac and cheese, and my, how he/she/it got it right. Add to that a bevy of beers on tap, cafeteria style benches and these awesome flip up windows that make you feel like you’re outside, and we have a winner! Where is the picture of this incredible mac and cheese, you ask? I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. It was over before it even started. I suggest you consult the menu and let your imagination do the rest.

Spitzer’s Corner, 101 Rivington Street. Give them a shout at 212-228-0027 or drop a line to Spitzerscorner@gmail.com.

Joyeux Mac and Cheesing,


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