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This Intern’s Life

12 Jun

So this past spring, in addition to grad school, freelance writing, volunteering with a mentor poet, and living in NYC (it’s a job, trust me), I juggled not one, but two internships, all as part of my master plan to…hmmm, I’m not really sure. I mean, when the Brain said he wanted to take over the world, he could have meant the literary one, right? Well, if anything can make you feel like mighty mouse, it’s splitting your time between two jobs. In my case, they were Picador (the publishing imprint) and Interview (the magazine). The full surrealism of rushing between these two fast-paced and extremely different worlds truly hit me when I opened my own mail. And by that I mean I completed a massive Paul Auster mailing (I’m talking 200 books, press release in the flap, stuffed into envelopes) and I recognized one of the editors from Interview as a recipient, only to go in and open the same envelope I had stuffed a week before. Surrealism aside, I had a great time, made friends, learned a ton, got to go to the Flatiron Building for one job, and then be in the heart of Soho for the other. I made my mark at Interview (I’m listed as an intern in the April issue) but as I was leaving Picador, I wanted to do something a little more substantial. And with their new Tumblr and my ongoing delusions of grandeur and people actually caring about what I have to say, it was too good to pass up. Et voilà…

Read about my day of intern living, from the Picador Book Room

Happy Taking Over the World,


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