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Stranger Style – And the Last Post till 2013…

15 Nov


What do you get when you pair stylishly tapered khaki pants with a crisp navy blazer, tasselled Oxford pumps, a cool Fedora Pork Pie hat, and a colour-pop scarf? A whole new style category…I like to call it Fem-Prep-Chic. And if you disagree with me, just check out the pocket square. ‘Nuff said.

As the title implies, SHTBC will be taking a little siesta till January 2013. So sleepy…time for a nap. (Yes, this blog is written by bears).

Till the new year!


P.S. To all the New Yorkers still affected by Sandy, the bears are thinking about you and sending love and support.


My FASHION PULSE DAILY Reviews PART I: Milly by Michelle Smith and Dax Gabler NYFW 2011

2 Mar
So the reason for the unbelievable belatedness of this post is because I went to Jamaica right after Fashion Week, and there was no way in hell I was going to be on a computer with all that sun around…but I still wanted you to see what I wrote. So feast on my…
…lovely Guest Post from Fashion Pulse Daily

[Images via Style.com]

Milly by Michelle Smith

With a scene of frosty, snow-covered woods as the backdrop of her fall 2011 runway, it’s hard to not envision Milly by Michelle Smith’s models as modern Little Red Riding Hoods. This time they’re revamped with red puckers instead of capes, and punches of guava, teal, peach, and gold attire to put some zing in a winter scene. There were lots of culottes and a smattering of accordion pleats, with rich velvets and bouncy silks that would ensure an attention-worthy entrance for any girl, red hood or not.

[Images via Kaci Hamilton]

Dax Gabler

In her first collection since leaving her namesake company, Dax Gablerdesigner Devi Kroell has taken a break from her shiny, reptile skin heritage to take on a new one: that of her Tyrolean grandmother’s. Dax Gabler is Kroell’s grandmother’s maiden name, and this inaugural collection is also in her honor, and features boyfriend jackets, trenches, and cardigans, all in untreated Tyrolean wool. The bags, in cross-body and saddlebag styles, had their own bit of shimmer, with decorative rings dangling from leather straps and a metallic finish. So fans of the old Devi Kroell certainly won’t be too disappointed.

Parts II and III, coming right up.


It’s Fashion Week – Day…Oh I Forget

16 Feb

On my way to peruse the Barbara Tfank Fall 2011 presentation, I ran into Sai on the street. And keeping my commitment to capturing looks that inspire me, I had to stop her. Can you believe she asked me why I wanted to take her pic? Cause you have style, girl!

Also outside Barbara Tfank, I caught a quick pic of Marissa (hope I got the spelling right). I liked her simplicity and pop of colour.

Rae Holliday, Co-Creator of StuffFlyPeopleLike.com, was nice enough to strike a pose at the Diesel Black Gold show. I’m loving the denim vest.

With Diesel all done, I was lucky enough to be exiting right by the one, the only, Bryan Boy. The guy knows how to go big or go home!

Now this is a true Stranger Style moment; I caught this fashionista on the way out of the Diesel Black Gold show and I didn’t get any of her info. But the coat is vintage and she knows where to find me…

And in this surprise find, I made a brief return to my real life as a grad student at the New York Public Library, and ended up sitting beside  Stephanie Soong of Chicago Magazine. She was, fittingly, on her way to Marc Jacobs fall 2011. Yes, I was jealous.

Just goes to show, fashion is everywhere.

Happy dressing,


Dallin Chase Spring 2011 and the Anda and Masha Hat Launch

12 Sep

As I mentioned, editorial assisting the Fashion Pulse Daily blog has its perks. This is my first set of reviews, from this NY Fashion Week.  Dallin Chase and Anda and Masha, from Fashion Pulse Daily.

The Dallin Chase Spring 2011 Presentation

The theme was “anchored lightness” at the Dallin Chase Spring 2011 Presentation. The room was filled with lots of natural light and the models sported styled, beachy, wavy hair that suited the collection’s loose layers and ultra-feminine fabrics like silk, tulle, and lace. It was an interesting juxtaposition to then see the models sporting Penny Loafers, and yes, with actual pennies in them (old school!). When asked about the choice of footwear, designer Jason Cauchi said that because the collection was such a celebration of the classic separates — the cardigan, the maxi dress, the mini skirt – the Spring 2011 Dallin Chase woman would throw on these delicate pieces with her boyfriend’s shoes and let their flirty lightness do all the work.

Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr passed by to shop and support the designers.

Shoppers striking a pose in Anda and Masha hats

The Anda and Masha by Selima Hat Launch

The energy at the Anda and Masha hat launch was like a party your hat-designer girlfriend would throw, where everyone came, drank, laughed louder than the music and played musical hats with the entire collection. With pork-pies, beanies and pageboys stacked on display, everyone tried, posed and snapped themselves in the various styles, gushing about the fit and the look. Most noticeable about the collection was the complete absence of color. Every hat was black. Longtime stylists-cum-designers Anda and Masha said they have long been in search of the perfect hat, and were inspired by Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithful. Each hat, they said, is exactly something they would wear. Gossip Girl starJessica Szohr attended the event and left with four creations herself. The actress, who is a long-time fan of the design duo, said the hats are perfect accessories for bouncing around New York, especially the beanies, which she lives in all winter.



Grad School Vs Fashion Week

8 Sep

Can I have these Dallin Chase fall 2010 pants please?

So I just started my first two weeks of my MFA in creative writing at Hunter College (that is my true purpose for being in NYC) and I’m struggling, let me tell you, struggling, to balance my desire to post all the time, with my desire to make the Dean’s List. But alas, here I am trying to squeeze in a post before my next crazy assignment is due.

It’s Fashion Week people, and as the editorial assistant for Fashion Pulse Daily, I am very excited to pop my NYFW cherry at a few shows. You can look out for pics and details from….

  • the Dallin Chase spring presentation, which I just did, and where layers met boyfriend casual (à la see the above from fall)
  • Christian Siriano, my favourite Project Runway alum to date. Oh my god, I’d eat a banana for him!

  • and the ever wild, Concept Korea. Are those pants awesome or what?!

So that’s what’s on my agenda in the coming days. That blur you see speed-walking everywhere, that’s me.

Till then,


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