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CB2 Eastside Opens!

26 Oct

So last night I attended the grand opening of CB2 Eastside, a new location of the modern home design destination under Crate and Barrel‘s umbrella. This was one of the first events I’ve been invited to as press, so it’s hard for me not to gush just on that accord. However, the event was pretty freaking awesome, so my gushing is going to come oh so naturally. I mean DMC (yep, of the Run-DMC) and Maggie Gyllenhaal were both in attendance! So let’s just say, I’m brushing my shoulders off, Jigga-style.

One of the things I loved about the event was that people were having a fully interactive experience with the furniture and the pieces. Guests were snuggling up under covers, sprawled across couches and putting their glasses on every available table. The music rocked, courtesy of DJ Spider, and Tastings NYC, a bespoke catering company, handled the orgasm-in-my-mouth bites that went around. Yes, I said that.

Tastings NYC totally kept the urban cool New York mood with mini hotdogs, bite size burgers, lamb gyros, crab tacos…that lamb gyro up top made my tongue do the moonwalk. Add to that model-look-alike bartenders and servers in all-black and knit beanies, I was ready to move in.

Not to mention the “clever treasures”, mod knick knacks, and chic, yet affordable pieces that would make any home immediately cooler. Check out that pebble bedside mat top left; it’s a beach in the bedroom without all the sandy clean up. And who doesn’t love mini robots? What do they do? Not sure, and it doesn’t matter. I would build a whole little robot village with those things. As a child of the Caribbean, glass always reminds me of the sea in the early morning. In your house, it looks expensive. Hey, fake it till you make it.

Thanks again to the folks at CB2 for a fun night, and I’ll be back to get my lollipop microphone. More on that later.

Happy Home Decoring,



i Was at Restaurant i and i Lounge When it Opened

20 Oct

Since I moved to New York three months ago and left sleepy Jamaica, I haven’t been going out much (gasp!). But I had a very nice re-entry into the NYC nightlife world with the opening of Restaurant i and i Lounge. Both the restaurant (upstairs) and lounge (downstairs) were mod and minimalist, with cool effects like a ceiling that consistently changed colours and a back-lit, “woven”, metalwork wall ornament. I didn’t get a chance to see an actual menu, but the salmon tartare made me want to be a fish, so I could be made into something so delicious.

FYI, this is where all the beautiful hipsters are spending their nights. I met an editor from Seventeen, a Fashion consultant and one of the guys responsible for keeping you filled with Pop Chips. Yah, Restaurant i and i Lounge, it’s a popping spot. I can’t wait to go back and eat more than just a bite of the most scrumptious hors d’œuvres ever! Swing by for a drink, a snack, or a dance….it’s all good.

Restaurant i and i Lounge, 893 Broadway, 646.398.9663 info@restauranti.com and lounge@restauranti.com.

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