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Grenada. Without Any Invasions.

22 Apr

So, never mind that the pictures are arriving after in a whole separate post, this is what happens with first time bloggers. Just cool. Above we have the tranquil horizon pool and La Luna restaurant by dusk, but really all I see is Daniele’s risotto.
Conch shell on La Luna beach. So Island-y. (Said in that Talk Soup, “So meat-y” way)
Tanning options by the La Luna yoga pavilion. Ommmmmmmmmm……….
Oh, the cheery deck at Mount Cinnamon. We passed through one day for lunch.
Yummy, fruit punch, courtesy of La Luna. Below, a handful of nutmeg and lady in waiting. Hopefully not in vain. Actually, I was sitting in a restaurant across the street and she stood there the whole time. Not sure if she was actually waiting, or just hanging out, catching up about the latest gossip about Ms Isis and how she stole Ms Esmerelda’s husband and then kicked him out the house late one night. It’s a small town. That could be what she was up to. And continuing, the luminous bar of La Source, for nighttime drinks, a waterfall whose name I forget right now, and quaint St Georges. Good times.


SHTBC Travels in Time

1 Apr

I had another blog before this one. It was called Write Around the World. The posts were about, wait for it, wait for it, travel. I made a Sophie’s Choice and forewent that one for this when I moved to New York, until I had the bright idea to merge content (I never said  I was bright) and do what I’ve always wanted to do, which is share more travel stories. It took 10 years, sweat, no blood, but definitely lots of tears, and I have made myself into a travel writer. Standing recently in the middle of crystal blue-green water at Pink Sands Resort on Harbour Island in the Bahamas (on assignment no less), I had to acknowledge that. So I’m going to celebrate it. You’re going to see a lot more travel pieces. So return your tray table to upright and locked position.

travel graphic

And don’t forget about those electronic devices…


Awww Snap, Bermuda Week Again?

22 Aug

See how long this ‘week’ is lasting?

Yeah, it totally gets even more ridiculous. I can’t believe this is allowed on the Interwebs. Just today I gave a speech about, “if it’s not good enough for print, it’s not good enough for online.” Wow, it’s a really good thing I don’t run a newspaper. Whew. The world is a better place without me trying to publish to a national audience.

And on that note, brace yourselves…


Happy Being Jelly,


Bermuda Week Continues

23 Jul

Don’t try to click on that like it’s a video. It’s not. It’s a screen shot. But if you click on it in general, it will take you to the video. So I guess they’re one and the same. This is a little video I like to call “That’s What She Said!” Try putting the stress on ‘said’. Practically shout it. It makes it even more fun. 

In this vid, I’m getting down with some sausage at the Brazilian BBQ restaurant aboard the Norwegian Star, Moderno Churrascaria. It was dangerously good. I got hit by a meat truck and suffered one. delicious. injury. after. another. I subsequently fell into a meat coma and fell asleep in my outfit with a bathrobe over it. But I digress. Here, the waitress is telling me about the best cut of meat on the menu. My face is about as inappropriate as food was.

And then when I couldn’t take it anymore…

That’s how you beg for mercy.

Happy Colon Cleanse Day,


It’s Bermuda Week!!!

10 Jul

Ah, my, my, so many things have been happening…an ushering in of the termination of grad school, a week-long cruise to Bermuda with my BFF, and the reason for said cruise, my appointment as digital editor for Caribbean Travel and Life magazine. Yes, you heard right. Keep up, I’m not going to repeat myself. I particularly like the term “my appointment”. Quite dignified. Like a decision made by the Queen. I still can’t believe it either. I feel like a homeless person at a buffet. I keep waiting for someone to realize I don’t belong and politely escort me out. But until that happens, shiznazzle like this will continue…

That would be me. In Bermuda. Don’t hate.

Now you’re probably wondering how my enviable gallivanting across the Atlantic pertains to my fave stranger with candy, NYC. But that’s the thing, Jelly Beans, in addition to Boston, this cruise sets sail from New York City. Yeah, I know…NYC as a cruise port? Doesn’t seem plausible, but just googlemeister your way on over to Norwegian Cruise Lines and look for Bermuda and you’ll see your options. So one minute you can be in a screaming match with your cabbie on the West Side Highway, and the next you can be on the balcony of your stateroom, sipping a cocktail and out to glorious, glorious sea. It’s pretty tight.

But enough about my sweet job. View the full gallery at here.

Happy Hatin’


P.S. The good thing about having your own blog is that a “week” can last as long as you want…It’s going to be Bermuda Week for a hot second up in here.

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