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You Can Never Be Too Glam

22 Apr

I almost never wish it was cold year round, but I have to say, this fur is making me think twice. On Tuesday, I visited my new BFFs at the WeWork building, to check a warehouse sale by travelling vintage boutique Glam Gorgeous, founded my mother-daughter duo Henrietta and Charmaigne. Now I, just like any other fashion monger, love rifling through racks of clothing that looks like something my mother owned, so I was very pleased to get to the sale and see not only gorgeous baubles and threads, but that they were in pristine condition. Too often, the vintage out there is a little too vintage…so you look weathered, instead of freshly teleported from a happier, more sexually liberated era (oh, I do miss those hippy days).

Something was actually very funny. I think it was that I just dropped $100,000 on a salad for lunch. It had Swarovski-encrusted croutons!

So Glam Gorgeous started about a year ago or so, after Charmaigne kept raiding Henrietta’s closet and then telling her how many compliments she got on a piece. Now the pair hit up estate sales, vintage stores in Queens and across the city, and score pristine loot through connections they’ve made. Like this fur. Which would be perfect for showing up at a man’s house with nothing underneath. I’m single, but maybe I’ll do that anyway. Hey, Kid Cudi, that knock at the door…it’s me.

This is the money shot right here...bangles by Glam Gorgeous...ring and glasses my own.

So this is how I look when I’m making fabulously tough decisions. My current quandary is: Do I leave 12 or 13 million to my cat? I mean, 13 is a lucky number, but 12 is an even number….ugh, maybe I’ll just pay my lawyer an even 5 to decide for me…


By the way, if you’re thinking it’s warming up, or furs don’t cut it in the tropics…suffer for the fur, dahling. I mean, you wouldn’t have been the only one. (Was that too much? Oh snap, it’s PETA, and they have torches and pitchforks!!!)

Quick, take down the info:

Go. Fur. Now,



A Dose of Stranger Style

20 Mar

And it’s my own!

OK, everybody, calm down, the cigarette is for effect! But the moral of this story is that I love H&M. I was first introduced to the brand when I lived in Belgium at the tender age of 16. I won’t mention how many years ago that was. But I fell immediately in love and my feelings haven’t changed. Everything I’m wearing is from H&M. The skirt deserves honourable mention, because it was a part of the H&M Conscious Collection, and so it’s made from all recycled materials. Gorgeous, eh? Yeah, I concur. So I hit up Bar 13 on University Place, a three level club that has a reggae party on Wednesday nights and Sunday nights, and compared to everybody else, I looked like a librarian, but who cares. This is NYC street style, from me to you.

See you in the streets,


P.S. Both rings are from Forever 21. Sorry H&M, I had to cheat on you somewhere…

Because it’s Gorgeous Out…

17 Mar

…I’ve decided to do a post about…gowns! See the connection? Don’t worry, you can’t be in on the joke every time. I recently attended the first ever Bloggerini Event at Lair  NYC, where style expert Katlean de Monchy (she’s a regular on NBC’s TODAY Show, E! News, CNN and Inside Edition) showed us mere mortals how to look like red carpet divas on a mere mortal budget.

The dresses were all by Camille La Vie, doyenne of wedding dresses, prom dresses, and dresses of general awesome gorgeousness, you know, for that revenge date with that guy who dumped you in high school (oops, did I say that out loud?) I was truly baffled by the details and materials and the fact that just about all of them were under $500. Mere mortals unite!

There was also a display of Katlean’s newest jewelry line, the de Monchy Collection, perfect for pairing with these stellar dresses, or with jeans and a tee to pump the volume.

Case in point, here I am in a decidedly non-shimmering outfit, and if I may say so myself, that green has perked things up. Speaking of perking things up…the event was sponsored by, among others, Voli vodka, a low-calorie option for those who get all their calories from booze (ahem). I had the Bloggertini, a lemon-y, raspberry blend of deliciousness, and it did not taste like I was on any kind of booze diet. Liquid calorie consumers unite!

So, I’m inventing a new expression: Revenge is a dish best served on the rocks and sparkly.

Happy Gorgeous Drinking!


The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park are Open!

5 Nov

The Holiday Shops At Bryant Park

I was recently invited (I still can’t get over it) to the opening of the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. No matter where you’re from, what you do, or how much you hate Christmas (like my sister-in-law), there’s no way you can walk through Bryant Park and not get that tingly excited feeling. The shopping, the big family meals, the crushed wrapping paper, the screaming children, the insufficiently-stocked liquor cabinet, there’s nothing like the holidays. But drama and bird-carving accidents aside, the Shops are an eclectic collection of some of New York’s coolest design, food, and clothing artisans, from glassblowers, to jewelry makers, to designers of wearable art. If you do nothing else, go to be inspired by the creativity and the beauty.

A Gourmet Nutella Wafel from Wafels and Dinges

First off, the smell wafting from the vendors (with delicacies from the likes of Wafels and Dinges above) will bring you up the steps nose first. Then the simple elegance of the shops, diminutive yet festive in their soft pepper light glow, could hold your attention for hours. The artist, the homemaker, the kid, the kid at heart, you now have over 100 shops to choose from, enough Christmas cheer to cure even the staunchest Grinch. And the best part is, there’s free ice-skating on the spot. I can hear the anti-Christmas chill around your heart melting already.

Happy Holiday Shopping,


P.S. The Shops are open from now until January 8th, 2012, and there’s a tree-lighting ceremony on the 29th of November. Go! Go! Go!

A Visit to the Yvette Fry Showroom

27 Sep

My friend Collie Richards, owner of one of the chicest handbag and accessory stores in Jamaica, Accessory to the Fact, was recently visiting and I got the chance to see one of the places where she gets all her incredible stock: the Yvette Fry showroom. The bookshelves of beautiful bags and bling lined the room, and it was all I could do to not claim ownership of my own fabulous store (what say you, my closet doesn’t count?) and walk out with one of everything.

That’s right, Yvette Fry is for suppliers only, but thankfully they supply to many a cool NYC boutique and store.  I don’t know about too many others, but Moo Shoes carries Yvette Fry designers, and they’re on 78 Orchard St.

The outstanding candidates of the day get some special mention. Melie Bianco made me want to throw my own bag out the window, Vieta Fashion brought new meaning to the phrase  “I have to have to this” and I had no idea who Paul Smotrys was before (pictured above), but I want him in my life from this point forward.

Scrumptious! This is the Melie Bianco Margo Canvas Tote. Gorgeous, multi-faceted, very functional…..say no more.

Remember that comment about me needing things….fringe clutch with chains.

More Melie Bianco…the Kiera Chain Bucket bag.

And one of the new arrivals for spring. Eyelet on a bag…Genius!

Just a hint of what to expect from the Vieta collection…….Stop. Just stop it.

And Paul Smotrys’ delicate but bold letter necklaces for Gauge NYC. If you think these are cool, he also does phrases and cake toppers!

Thanks to the management and staff at the Yvette Fry showroom for letting me browse around and take pics. It was such a treat!

Happy bag and bling shopping,


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