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Plomo…Te Amo

30 Mar

My blogging dream has come true: Me. Shoes. Touching them. Taking their picture. And these were not just any shoes. Yesterday I got an invite to check out the Spaniexican line, Plomo Shoes, the merger of Spanish and Mexican BFF’s Keltse and Galia’s love of travel, rummaging around flea markets, and of course, shoes. The line is an exquisite marriage of supple leather, understated pastels and creative accessorizing, with a distinctly relaxed-weekend-by-the-Mediterranean feel to every pair. Though I can easily see them on a road trip through villages in the south of France, they would be just as at home on a bike ride through the LES or a stroll through the markets of Mexico City.

They held a warehouse sale to kick off the Spring 2012 collection, and amid all the neon out there (it’s a love/hate relationship), the pastels were a refreshing break. Seafoam, and pistachio, and passionfruit, it was like a gelato-filled European vacation for your feet.

Insider tidbit: modelling the green canvas Brunelas in the centre is co-designer Keltse

One of my faves, the black sheep leather wedge with the cut-out heel, the Chiara

And with all the talk about Spain and Mexico, you can relax, the collection is for sale just about everywhere —from international retailers in Switzerland and Japan, to a host of locations across the US  (NYC, California, Chicago, Texas), to online (one more reason to continue your daily visit to Shopbop and Revolve Clothing). And starting in April, you’ll be able to go straight to the online source, Go ahead, exhale.

I caught jewelry designer Heidi Gardener leaving with a newly acquired pair of the coral suede Rania boots. Stay tuned for her SHTBC début!

And if the gorgeous shoes weren’t enough, Denton Events provided scrumptious snacks to fuel the shoe-shopping.

Gorgeous shoes, sweet and savory spreads on French bread, it was all I could do to tear myself away.

Here’s to you falling as hard for Plomo as I have.

Happy Shoe Shopping!



LES Cool

6 Dec

One of the things I love about New York is that you can snag a cool pic of someone just about anywhere. My friend, Sean John, of my fave Jamaican restaurant, Spur Tree Lounge, is the epitome of NYC cool, and somehow everyone just acquires that cool by proximity. His mom, Bridget Brown, Jamaica’s premier sandal designer, was just chillin on the sculpture bench outside the restaurant. I love the light, her laissez-faire attitude, and the fact that it doesn’t even seem like I’m there.

I Salute the Cool in All of You,


P.S. Yes, she’s wearing her own sandals.

SHTBC Featured on!!!

15 Feb

So yesterday my fashion dreams came true, when I not only got stopped by the photographer from, but they actually put my pic up in the website gallery for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week street style!!! Can’t believe it!.

I found this white rabbit fur coat at a Goodwill store in, of all places, New Orleans, the hottest, most humid city on the planet. Worth every cent of the $20 I paid for it. Club Monaco silk pants, top from Nordstrom Rack.

Necklace from my friend’s store in Jamaica, Accessory to the Fact

Ray Ban aviators


Dolce Vita studded heels


Anne Klein handbag

I made it. I’m in the same batch as Iman and June Ambrose. I can die now.




Dolce Vita Sample Sale

10 Oct

So about two weeks ago I went a little crazy and bought three pairs of shoes and a dress at the Dolce Vita end of season sample sale. You know how it gets, when you somehow convince yourself on a rainy September day that you need two pairs of sandals, suede heels and a flowy silk dress? Yeah?

Well, I indulged. Awesome genu-wine leather all for under $50. How could I not get these bronze beauties pictured above……

Or these coma-of-love-inducing studded suede pumps, for which my roomie tells me at least once a week that she might have to club me over the head…..


Or these buttery black gems, of which I have wanted a pair forever?!…….

And last, but by no means least, the silk “butterfly” dress that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Ahhhhhhhhh, shopping, it does the body good.

La vie est belle,


Long Live Via Spiga!

3 Aug

Bronze Beauties

Breaking News Alert: I got on the good ol’ Google and searched for some fashion internships to tide me over in the Big Apple. And guess what, I landed one with Fashion Pulse Daily. So far, you could say my job description is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.N.E.S.S. Feel free to apply your own translation.

I attended my first industry event tonight, a viewing of the latest genius designs from Via Spiga, on the roof of the Empire Hotel. This is Via Spiga’s 25th anniversary, and they’ve joined up with noted jewellery designer Kenneth Jay Lane (who got his start with VOGUE and then did collections for Delman and Dior) to create a limited edition collection that will be available around October. The Capsule Collection, as it’s being called, features a signature crystal-embellished snake ornament on each shoe. And let me tell you, they are HOT!

As a lover of shoes, the footwear did not disappoint. There are certain designers that make woman feel sexy, and define how a woman wants to be, and to me, Via Spiga is one of them. A Via Spiga woman carries a business card; she knows what kind of drink she wants from the bar (i.e. she doesn’t say, “I want something fruity!”); she’s been to Europe; she doesn’t throw around the word “faaaaaa-bulous”, because she doesn’t need to; she shops at both H&M and Prada; and she eats steak. I am an aspiring Via Spiga woman.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to attend a fashion industry event, and Via Spiga has set a high bar. I was warned they’re not all like this: the cocktail dresses were abound, the Asian-infused menu was surprisingly delicious and gourmet: spring rolls, skewered beef and chicken, tuna tartare, and my personal favourite, fried mac & cheese (say whaaaaat?!), they had oodles of prosecco on hand, the decor was “cabana chic”…I kept expecting to see an NYC housewife or two. I was truly spoiled.

I got great pics of some of the fashionable attendees, as well as some industry VIPS……I have goosebumps just thinking of who I was rubbing shoulders with.  This is just the beginning of my quest to bring you fashion forward New Yorkers (and its visitors), so until I spot more style on the streets, enjoy this sneak peek into Via Spiga’s soiree on the roof of the Empire Hotel.

It's all about the shoes...

I snapped Mia, a fashion stylist, almost strictly because of her shoes. She was giving some stiff competition to the main feature. You can check her out at

The best of the west (coast)

Gentlemen, this is how it’s done. Landon, a media producer in town from LA, knew only that he was wearing Italian, and that was enough.

When that cocktail dress is not on hand

Tracey, who actually works with the Brown Shoe Company (Via Spiga is one of their brands), showed that you can show up in jeans and more than look like you belong.

Then there were some VIPs:

This is the woman to thank!

Myself  and fellow bloggers Aly Walansky (, and Ali (@wandadetroit), with Paola Venturi (in grey), creative director of Via Spiga.

Ever heard of Sam & Libby?

The highlight of my evening, meeting and having my picture taken with Libby Edelman, of Edelman PR and of course, shoe-aholic sustenance, Sam & Libby.

The Empire, up in lights!

And that’s all she wrote.

Till next time….


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