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Stranger Style – And the Last Post till 2013…

15 Nov


What do you get when you pair stylishly tapered khaki pants with a crisp navy blazer, tasselled Oxford pumps, a cool Fedora Pork Pie hat, and a colour-pop scarf? A whole new style category…I like to call it Fem-Prep-Chic. And if you disagree with me, just check out the pocket square. ‘Nuff said.

As the title implies, SHTBC will be taking a little siesta till January 2013. So sleepy…time for a nap. (Yes, this blog is written by bears).

Till the new year!


P.S. To all the New Yorkers still affected by Sandy, the bears are thinking about you and sending love and support.


Good Weather = Good Times

2 Jun

So when NYC decides to show off with cloudless skies, 75 degree temps, and a cool acid breeze lilting in off the East River, the denizens do come out in droves. And typical to the nature of a city bursting with people, they spill onto the streets, the sidewalks, the steps leading up to their walk-ups. Like this handy little trio. After a grueling morning paddle-boarding in Orlando and then enduring the subsequent flight back to the city, I was wheeling my little Delsey down Houston when I caught these friends enjoying some Indian fare in their own makeshift “outdoor seating”. It was brilliant. Their meal probably cost $12 collectively, and they had the best seat in the house and no wrath of gratuity. All because it hadn’t rained for the first time in a week and they were having a moment. NYC, quit being douchy and bring on summer already. It’s obvious we enjoy you to the fullest when you’re in fine form.

And in more trios enjoying the NYC weather news…

I caught another trio having some good weather fun, serenading a brunch crowd on 2nd St. There’s perhaps nothing more inspiring than seeing an outburst of art where you least expect it. It makes the event doubly enjoyable. Like discovering something. I totally get Columbus now. Next time you catch one of those flash mobs, you think about that.

Happy Tank Top Wearing,


A Dose of Stranger Style

22 May

In honour of this breaking news alert, I thought it was time to share my recent encounter with Danish choreographer Toniah Pedersen. Toniah just wrapped up filming The X Factor Denmark (yes, I sent you there) and has shared her unique blend of R&B, rock, pop, and jazz choreography with people you will never meet, like LL Cool J and Mary J Blige. I caught her in the LES chowing down on some Jamaican food and looking too cool for her own good. (Alas, we are foiled by the Europeans, once again.)

This, people, is why it pays to live in Denmark. If you lived in Denmark, your top would be by Barbara Gongini and your awesome printed pants would be by Henrik Vibskov, two minimalist yet eclectically-detailed Danish designers. Lucky for you, there’s this trusty place called the Interwebs where you can order your very own Gongini/Vibskov creation.

As for being an awesome international choreographer with noted personal style…sorry, that doesn’t come in the mail.

SHTBC ♥ Danes,


You Can Never Be Too Glam

22 Apr

I almost never wish it was cold year round, but I have to say, this fur is making me think twice. On Tuesday, I visited my new BFFs at the WeWork building, to check a warehouse sale by travelling vintage boutique Glam Gorgeous, founded my mother-daughter duo Henrietta and Charmaigne. Now I, just like any other fashion monger, love rifling through racks of clothing that looks like something my mother owned, so I was very pleased to get to the sale and see not only gorgeous baubles and threads, but that they were in pristine condition. Too often, the vintage out there is a little too vintage…so you look weathered, instead of freshly teleported from a happier, more sexually liberated era (oh, I do miss those hippy days).

Something was actually very funny. I think it was that I just dropped $100,000 on a salad for lunch. It had Swarovski-encrusted croutons!

So Glam Gorgeous started about a year ago or so, after Charmaigne kept raiding Henrietta’s closet and then telling her how many compliments she got on a piece. Now the pair hit up estate sales, vintage stores in Queens and across the city, and score pristine loot through connections they’ve made. Like this fur. Which would be perfect for showing up at a man’s house with nothing underneath. I’m single, but maybe I’ll do that anyway. Hey, Kid Cudi, that knock at the door…it’s me.

This is the money shot right here...bangles by Glam Gorgeous...ring and glasses my own.

So this is how I look when I’m making fabulously tough decisions. My current quandary is: Do I leave 12 or 13 million to my cat? I mean, 13 is a lucky number, but 12 is an even number….ugh, maybe I’ll just pay my lawyer an even 5 to decide for me…


By the way, if you’re thinking it’s warming up, or furs don’t cut it in the tropics…suffer for the fur, dahling. I mean, you wouldn’t have been the only one. (Was that too much? Oh snap, it’s PETA, and they have torches and pitchforks!!!)

Quick, take down the info:

Go. Fur. Now,


Coffee Makes You Gregular

4 Apr

Gregory Zamfois of Gregory's Coffee

Blogger, bloggers, bloggers…you wandering transplants huddled around the single outlet in the middle of the Astor Place Starbucks, I am here to tell you about a revolution: a coffee shop that not only wants us laptop luggers to come and while away the hours across their furniture, they actually reward it.

Last week bloggers, the Twitterati, and coffee gourmands feted at the 46th street location of Gregory’s Coffee, in celebration of the time old tradition of dragging yourself to the nearest drink house and getting stuff done. The franchise issued “growlers” to their favourite bloggers, in the categories of nightlife, foodie, online advice, music, fashion, and self-promotion; and in true caffeine-addiction conspiration, said growlers are refillable with iced coffee for life! Hallelujah, praise the lord!

Jonathan Valdez snags a growler for his fashion blog, Orange Juice and Biscuits

Tereza Nemmessanyi also gets a lifetime supply of iced coffee for Best Online Advice Blog

(SHTBC Tidbit: I filmed a segment with Tereza herself for Honestly Now‘s first ever webisode. The minute I get it, so will you…)

For Gregory, it’s all about supporting his biggest supporters, and bringing something new to the same ol’ Starbucks/Think Coffee routine. Zamfois says he wants to continue to provide a place where bloggers can gather and call their “office”. Mmmmm, four fresh midtown office locations and the price of rent is cup after cup of my favourite drink…I’m in.

Happy Working,


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