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It’s Bermuda Week!!!

10 Jul

Ah, my, my, so many things have been happening…an ushering in of the termination of grad school, a week-long cruise to Bermuda with my BFF, and the reason for said cruise, my appointment as digital editor for Caribbean Travel and Life magazine. Yes, you heard right. Keep up, I’m not going to repeat myself. I particularly like the term “my appointment”. Quite dignified. Like a decision made by the Queen. I still can’t believe it either. I feel like a homeless person at a buffet. I keep waiting for someone to realize I don’t belong and politely escort me out. But until that happens, shiznazzle like this will continue…

That would be me. In Bermuda. Don’t hate.

Now you’re probably wondering how my enviable gallivanting across the Atlantic pertains to my fave stranger with candy, NYC. But that’s the thing, Jelly Beans, in addition to Boston, this cruise sets sail from New York City. Yeah, I know…NYC as a cruise port? Doesn’t seem plausible, but just googlemeister your way on over to Norwegian Cruise Lines and look for Bermuda and you’ll see your options. So one minute you can be in a screaming match with your cabbie on the West Side Highway, and the next you can be on the balcony of your stateroom, sipping a cocktail and out to glorious, glorious sea. It’s pretty tight.

But enough about my sweet job. View the full gallery at here.

Happy Hatin’


P.S. The good thing about having your own blog is that a “week” can last as long as you want…It’s going to be Bermuda Week for a hot second up in here.


This Intern’s Life

12 Jun

So this past spring, in addition to grad school, freelance writing, volunteering with a mentor poet, and living in NYC (it’s a job, trust me), I juggled not one, but two internships, all as part of my master plan to…hmmm, I’m not really sure. I mean, when the Brain said he wanted to take over the world, he could have meant the literary one, right? Well, if anything can make you feel like mighty mouse, it’s splitting your time between two jobs. In my case, they were Picador (the publishing imprint) and Interview (the magazine). The full surrealism of rushing between these two fast-paced and extremely different worlds truly hit me when I opened my own mail. And by that I mean I completed a massive Paul Auster mailing (I’m talking 200 books, press release in the flap, stuffed into envelopes) and I recognized one of the editors from Interview as a recipient, only to go in and open the same envelope I had stuffed a week before. Surrealism aside, I had a great time, made friends, learned a ton, got to go to the Flatiron Building for one job, and then be in the heart of Soho for the other. I made my mark at Interview (I’m listed as an intern in the April issue) but as I was leaving Picador, I wanted to do something a little more substantial. And with their new Tumblr and my ongoing delusions of grandeur and people actually caring about what I have to say, it was too good to pass up. Et voilà…

Read about my day of intern living, from the Picador Book Room

Happy Taking Over the World,


Protest – by Air…and Hu Bing

1 May

After a day that started out very rainy and pajama-worthy, it seems Mother Nature decided to shed her dreary grey coat and welcome the NYC May Day protesters with sunshine and 60 degrees. Don’t quote me, but they marched from Bryant Park down fifth avenue to Union Square, with musicians leading, chanting “We are the 99 percent”, all as a part of worldwide marches in a call for better wages and more jobs, but don’t take my word for it. It was pretty hard to ignore the 1,000 to 3,000 marchers singing, shouting, banging and strumming their way through the flatiron area in an awesome – in the true sense of the word – display of anti-government sentiment. I have to say, there was a spry, feel-good vibe to the march (even from all the way up there), and yet there were arrests and the usual tyranny from the bullies-cum-police officers, but like I said, don’t quote me. I can only hope that the weather, and the change in tone are a sign that the protests, and their outcome, are taking an upward turn. But once again, I, like Fox News, should not be quoted.

And in Less Police-Brutality-Evoking Flatiron News

As a part of an art series in the Flatiron building, artist Hu Bing currently has a display up, “Shattered Debris Sheer Transformation”, with reimagined broken bottles and windshields draped and smashed, melted and remolded, and subsequently suspended in panty-hose .

As a fan of Dalí, I had to take in this exhibit. Bing has managed to mold glass to move like Dalí’s melting clocks. The best part is, the display is in the very tip of the Flatiron, ground floor on the street for all to see. All you have to do is walk by.

Shattered Debris
Sheer Transformation
by Hu Bing
Closes June 2nd

Go. Protest. Create.


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