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Good Weather = Good Times

2 Jun

So when NYC decides to show off with cloudless skies, 75 degree temps, and a cool acid breeze lilting in off the East River, the denizens do come out in droves. And typical to the nature of a city bursting with people, they spill onto the streets, the sidewalks, the steps leading up to their walk-ups. Like this handy little trio. After a grueling morning paddle-boarding in Orlando and then enduring the subsequent flight back to the city, I was wheeling my little Delsey down Houston when I caught these friends enjoying some Indian fare in their own makeshift “outdoor seating”. It was brilliant. Their meal probably cost $12 collectively, and they had the best seat in the house and no wrath of gratuity. All because it hadn’t rained for the first time in a week and they were having a moment. NYC, quit being douchy and bring on summer already. It’s obvious we enjoy you to the fullest when you’re in fine form.

And in more trios enjoying the NYC weather news…

I caught another trio having some good weather fun, serenading a brunch crowd on 2nd St. There’s perhaps nothing more inspiring than seeing an outburst of art where you least expect it. It makes the event doubly enjoyable. Like discovering something. I totally get Columbus now. Next time you catch one of those flash mobs, you think about that.

Happy Tank Top Wearing,



i Was at Restaurant i and i Lounge When it Opened

20 Oct

Since I moved to New York three months ago and left sleepy Jamaica, I haven’t been going out much (gasp!). But I had a very nice re-entry into the NYC nightlife world with the opening of Restaurant i and i Lounge. Both the restaurant (upstairs) and lounge (downstairs) were mod and minimalist, with cool effects like a ceiling that consistently changed colours and a back-lit, “woven”, metalwork wall ornament. I didn’t get a chance to see an actual menu, but the salmon tartare made me want to be a fish, so I could be made into something so delicious.

FYI, this is where all the beautiful hipsters are spending their nights. I met an editor from Seventeen, a Fashion consultant and one of the guys responsible for keeping you filled with Pop Chips. Yah, Restaurant i and i Lounge, it’s a popping spot. I can’t wait to go back and eat more than just a bite of the most scrumptious hors d’œuvres ever! Swing by for a drink, a snack, or a dance….it’s all good.

Restaurant i and i Lounge, 893 Broadway, 646.398.9663 and

Tata till next time,


Vashtie Kola and “Opulence”, and a little stranger style…

26 Aug

So remember a few posts back, when I said the next time you saw me I would have some “opulence” around my neck? Well, it took one time after that, but I got my talisman-esque bling and it is was out in full force yesterday.

The full outfit consisted of H&M top, Lush jacket, the Covington boots again, cut-off Gap denim shorts, Wal-mart tights (Oh Yes) and, of course, the Chris Habana “Opulence” necklace. Love it, I would die for it, I would eat a banana for it.

After a delicious lunch at Republic in Union Sq

Then later, my friend Debra told me to not dress up and meet her at a party on Rivington in the Lower East Side. Turns out it was the 105 Riv (Hotel Rivington) and the party was the fourth anniversary of  “1992”, the 90s party hosted by designer, music video director, style maven, lady of leisure, hip-hopstress Vashti Kola, who is one very cool chic (oh, and the music was off the chain). She’s done work with Justin Beiber, Solange Knowles, Jadakiss…Rocking red lips and some hip-hop style, she posed for a pic with Debra and I, along with her partner-in-promoting and best friend Oscar Sanchez.

The venue was small, the drinks were….no I won’t go there, but I snapped a couple shots of the crowd. It was a very just nice to be out, getting the club vibe on, without the club bull-shhhhh. I think I’m going to like this apple…

I especially love this one, something about the action of the guys and the colours. It feels like such a club photo…

On the outskirts again,


P.S. Some comedian once said that black people name their kids things they want in their lives, like Mercedes and Cash. Well Opulence Hamilton, get ready to be born.

Who Loves Freeness?!!

27 Jul

Do you love getting things for free as much as I do? Well, Summerstage is the pinnacle of juicy, free action. Raphael Saadiq, Chrisette Michele, Mario, the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, all these incredible people who clearly love what they do, they’re willing to do it for free. Aren’t you special.

Last week, before NYC turned into Nebraska with Tornado-watch, I was simmering in my own sweat, swaying amid the packed crowd to the sounds of Raphael Saadiq. The man must be on crack, because there is no way I would have put that much energy into a free show. But every time he said, “Thank you, you guys are great…” he would launch right into another song. Hey, I wasn’t complaining.  He did some new tracks, some Lucy Pearl shiz-nizzle, and may have even dipped into Tony Tony Tony. I have to admit, that was before my time, so I’m only guessing.

Check out my shaky video and pay close attention to his female back-up singer, she’s on the right. I predict she’s going to be her own star in about a year, and I also think for every snort Raphael takes, she takes two.

Then came the Tornado-watch weekend….when I got to see two spectacular displays of contemporary dance stupendousness, courtesy of Alvin Ailey. The rain came down, after two songs, and the thunder and lightning cracked and we had to stampede out of Central Park. Quel Dommage….

But the band played long enough for the audience to get a little taste of the above and below. They were back on stage the next day but it was 98 degrees and I love Alvin, but not enough to get heat stroke.

When Michael Kors hires me and pays me the big bucks, I’ll go see them full price. Till, then, Summerstage baby!

À bientôt,


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