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You Can Never Be Too Glam

22 Apr

I almost never wish it was cold year round, but I have to say, this fur is making me think twice. On Tuesday, I visited my new BFFs at the WeWork building, to check a warehouse sale by travelling vintage boutique Glam Gorgeous, founded my mother-daughter duo Henrietta and Charmaigne. Now I, just like any other fashion monger, love rifling through racks of clothing that looks like something my mother owned, so I was very pleased to get to the sale and see not only gorgeous baubles and threads, but that they were in pristine condition. Too often, the vintage out there is a little too vintage…so you look weathered, instead of freshly teleported from a happier, more sexually liberated era (oh, I do miss those hippy days).

Something was actually very funny. I think it was that I just dropped $100,000 on a salad for lunch. It had Swarovski-encrusted croutons!

So Glam Gorgeous started about a year ago or so, after Charmaigne kept raiding Henrietta’s closet and then telling her how many compliments she got on a piece. Now the pair hit up estate sales, vintage stores in Queens and across the city, and score pristine loot through connections they’ve made. Like this fur. Which would be perfect for showing up at a man’s house with nothing underneath. I’m single, but maybe I’ll do that anyway. Hey, Kid Cudi, that knock at the door…it’s me.

This is the money shot right here...bangles by Glam Gorgeous...ring and glasses my own.

So this is how I look when I’m making fabulously tough decisions. My current quandary is: Do I leave 12 or 13 million to my cat? I mean, 13 is a lucky number, but 12 is an even number….ugh, maybe I’ll just pay my lawyer an even 5 to decide for me…


By the way, if you’re thinking it’s warming up, or furs don’t cut it in the tropics…suffer for the fur, dahling. I mean, you wouldn’t have been the only one. (Was that too much? Oh snap, it’s PETA, and they have torches and pitchforks!!!)

Quick, take down the info:

Go. Fur. Now,



Plomo…Te Amo

30 Mar

My blogging dream has come true: Me. Shoes. Touching them. Taking their picture. And these were not just any shoes. Yesterday I got an invite to check out the Spaniexican line, Plomo Shoes, the merger of Spanish and Mexican BFF’s Keltse and Galia’s love of travel, rummaging around flea markets, and of course, shoes. The line is an exquisite marriage of supple leather, understated pastels and creative accessorizing, with a distinctly relaxed-weekend-by-the-Mediterranean feel to every pair. Though I can easily see them on a road trip through villages in the south of France, they would be just as at home on a bike ride through the LES or a stroll through the markets of Mexico City.

They held a warehouse sale to kick off the Spring 2012 collection, and amid all the neon out there (it’s a love/hate relationship), the pastels were a refreshing break. Seafoam, and pistachio, and passionfruit, it was like a gelato-filled European vacation for your feet.

Insider tidbit: modelling the green canvas Brunelas in the centre is co-designer Keltse

One of my faves, the black sheep leather wedge with the cut-out heel, the Chiara

And with all the talk about Spain and Mexico, you can relax, the collection is for sale just about everywhere —from international retailers in Switzerland and Japan, to a host of locations across the US  (NYC, California, Chicago, Texas), to online (one more reason to continue your daily visit to Shopbop and Revolve Clothing). And starting in April, you’ll be able to go straight to the online source, Go ahead, exhale.

I caught jewelry designer Heidi Gardener leaving with a newly acquired pair of the coral suede Rania boots. Stay tuned for her SHTBC début!

And if the gorgeous shoes weren’t enough, Denton Events provided scrumptious snacks to fuel the shoe-shopping.

Gorgeous shoes, sweet and savory spreads on French bread, it was all I could do to tear myself away.

Here’s to you falling as hard for Plomo as I have.

Happy Shoe Shopping!


Because it’s Gorgeous Out…

17 Mar

…I’ve decided to do a post about…gowns! See the connection? Don’t worry, you can’t be in on the joke every time. I recently attended the first ever Bloggerini Event at Lair  NYC, where style expert Katlean de Monchy (she’s a regular on NBC’s TODAY Show, E! News, CNN and Inside Edition) showed us mere mortals how to look like red carpet divas on a mere mortal budget.

The dresses were all by Camille La Vie, doyenne of wedding dresses, prom dresses, and dresses of general awesome gorgeousness, you know, for that revenge date with that guy who dumped you in high school (oops, did I say that out loud?) I was truly baffled by the details and materials and the fact that just about all of them were under $500. Mere mortals unite!

There was also a display of Katlean’s newest jewelry line, the de Monchy Collection, perfect for pairing with these stellar dresses, or with jeans and a tee to pump the volume.

Case in point, here I am in a decidedly non-shimmering outfit, and if I may say so myself, that green has perked things up. Speaking of perking things up…the event was sponsored by, among others, Voli vodka, a low-calorie option for those who get all their calories from booze (ahem). I had the Bloggertini, a lemon-y, raspberry blend of deliciousness, and it did not taste like I was on any kind of booze diet. Liquid calorie consumers unite!

So, I’m inventing a new expression: Revenge is a dish best served on the rocks and sparkly.

Happy Gorgeous Drinking!


In a New York Minute (which seems to be about a month or so)…

29 Nov

I feel like I’ve been up to a lot recently, so in the essence of time and inclusivity, I’m going to talk about a bunch of things at once (I promise there won’t be food in my mouth).

Patti Smith at Hunter College

For starters, I saw the legendary Patti Smith at my fabulous tertiary education institution, the one and only Hunter College. She read poetry, celebrated a 40-year stint performing with her companion guitarist, Lenny Kaye, put her daughter (accompanying on piano) on the spot, shared some experiences from 9/11, gave a political shout out to John Walker Lindh, gave everyone in the room 1° of separation from Bruce Springsteen, hocked a loogie on stage, and blanked on the lyrics to one of her biggest hits, all in the same night. It was, wait for it, legen-, wait some more, -dary. Patti also has a 9/11 art exhibit on display at Hunter College, until December 3. Run!

Patti Smith “9.11 Babelogue”
The Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery
Hunter College West Lobby
68th Street and Lex
Tuesday – Saturday, 1 – 6 pm

Shopping with Lois Samuels

I popped into BoConcept in SoHo the other day to support my favourite NYC-based Jamaican designer, Lois Samuels. The twelve of you reading this may remember I did an interview with her a while back…well, she is selling off those uniform basics samples like cigarettes in prison, and now she even has a home line

…and she brought some friends along for the ride. On hand were two standouts, Stella and Dot (top), courtesy of one of the jewelry line’s independent stylists, Lisa Tung, and Jane Wilson-Marquis, doing incredible couture bridal and evening wear.

Lois Samuels                   
Lisa Tung, Stella and Dot
Jane Wilson-Marquis Inc.

Dinner at Koi

One of my good friends is second in command at Koi in the Bryant Park Hotel, and he feted me royally one night at the sushi bar. My only rule was no octopus (they have tentacles, man…TENTACLES!) and he served up tuna tartar, I think that may be a bit of pork belly in the Asian spoon, and shrimp in sesame rice cake, along with edamame and an eel roll. One word: sushiecstasy. It’s new. Look it up.

KOI New York
@ Bryant Park Hotel
40 West 40th Street

Drinks at the Tippler

You want to know where Richard the Lionheart drinks when he’s in town? He goes to the Tippler. And that would be because he, like me, subscribes to Thrillist and hears about these awesome kinds of places as they open. Everything Thrillist said piqued my interest: dark and cavernous, incredible liquor melanges, a cheese plate that could launch a thousand ships, and weird vintage books for reading in all that dark and cavernous light. I had the Pearl Harbour Necklace – Finlandia vodka, house melon syrup, pineapple, and tapioca pearls. Any place that makes me feel like a naughty Barbara Bush is worth revisiting.

The Tippler
425 W 15th Street
New York, NY 10011

Lunch at Tarallucci e Vino

Ever since my friend Julie (who introduced me Spitzer’s and La Tartinerie) took me to Tarallucci e Vino on 18th St, and we had the chocolate something with the chocolate base and chocolate swirls and essence du chocolat on top, I’ve been a fan.  One of my absolute favourite things to do on a Sunday is to walk a gazillion blocks out of my way to sit with a book, nutella on brioche, and a pot of Earl Grey tea in the 1st ave bakery. One fine Sunday I had lunch. The salmon was like a Swedish wind rolling in off a fjord! The dish was bright, with acid and crunch, and the salmon was cooked to perfection. I’ve been watching a lot of Top Chef, just in case you can’t tell.

Tarallucci e Vino
163 1ST AVE

Fashion, Food, Freedom…whatever your passion…

Happy Following It!


The Good Kind of Bryant, i.e. Not Anita

10 Aug





I recently attended a screening of Airplane! as part of the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. I first went to the festival during a summer I worked in New York, over a decade ago, and I would have to say it is one of my absolute favourite things to do in the city. First of all, it’s free. Second, they let you bring all kinds of goodies, like booze. Third, they show classic Looney Tunes cartoons before each movie. The crowd gets involved, cheering when the stars appear, when there’s a joke, a hundred people are laughing. My friend called it a hidden gem in the city. I concur. It’s awesome.

High Sierra, one of the original heist film noirs, is on August 15 and the classic Dirty Harry is on August 22. Those are the last two viewings and then it’s a wrap till next year. Sniff. How I’ll miss it till then…


Happy Vintage Movie Viewing,










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