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George Wayne is my Superhero, not Bruce

2 Jul





So in blog years, this post is about 18 million light years old, but I want to accomplish two things: testing out my posting skills from my iPad with the wordpress app, and also posting something that actually belongs on my blog.

So here we have my attendance at George Wayne’s (as in the maestro of tongue-in-cheek at Vanity Fair magazine) New York Hot 100 party, where he celebrated the 100 hottest residents of this great city.

The mini bottles of Moet were flowing (my ripped hosiery and bruised knee the next day could attest) and the fabulous people streamed in and out. I wish I could tell you more, but like I said…the mini bottles of Moet were flowing.

Up next, in honour of Africa’s first new country in 30 years, I interview NYC resident and model/actor/humanitarian Ger Duany…

Stay tuned


My FASHION PULSE DAILY Reviews, Part III: Duckie Brown, Global Glam, Irina Shabayeva, and Buckler NYFW 2011

7 Mar
This is the first batch of shows I covered for Fashion Week and will be the end of the guest posting. *sniff*
In the mean time, enjoy the guest post from none other than Fashion Pulse Daily

[Images via]

Duckie Brown

When the first model turned the corner at Duckie Brown, it was clear that designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver were up to something. Present were the usual immaculate manoeuvrings of fabrics like tweed and wool; and the ”bespoke” elements that turn a sweater into a chic straightjacket and a pair of pants into much-improved harem trousers. I say bespoke here because Duckie Brown has a specific client, and they want that specificity from Duckie Brown. What was new was the unmistakable minimalism: muted tones, almost no accessories. But as I said before on FPD, I like less, a lot.

[Images via Kaci Hamilton]

W Hotels Global Glam

For a hotel group synonymous with inimitable style, and locations on just about every continent, it was only a matter of time before W Hotels translated that combination into a global fashion melting pot. For the second time, W presented its Global Glam collection, a gathering of some of the hottest international designers, curated by fashion authority and W Hotels Worldwide Global Fashion Director, Amanda Ross. This year’s presentation featured Mara Hoffman, Eugenia Kim, Paolo Hernandez, Andrea Possé, Shaesby, Twinkle by Wenlan, Catherine Nicole, Fernanda Sibilia, Myne, Contego, iLuck, and Deepa Gurnani. The folks at W had the idea that instead of just having a lounge backstage, they could get closer to the public, with a display of tastes from around the world. Now that’s the kind of thinking we can get behind.

[Images via]

Irina Shabayeva

Since winning Season 6 of Project Runway, Irina Shabayeva has continued to show the world that she is still that force to be reckoned with. Fall 2011 was all about lux contrasts, and embodied a statement Irina herself made: “For me, designing is an expression of who I am as a woman.” On-point minidresses were paired with chunky knits (very reminiscent of her winning look from the Michael Kors “Aspen Challenge”), ballooning gowns were amped up with crystal beading, and laser cut chrysanthemum petal appliqué and cut outs conjured thoughts of her PR alum Christian Siriano. It seems the Irina Shabayeva woman is a lot like the designer herself: focused, self-assured and, of course, chic.

[Images via]


No offense Lincoln Center, we love the tents and all, but when Andrew Bucklerblocked off his stretch of Grand St to create his Fall 2011 runway, we knew that’s where the action was. The gesture was just another step in Buckler’s homage to urban street art and the artists who create it. The collection was about the refined ruggedness of the craft, of the anonymity that comes with being a street artist, and a revamping of utilitarian staples – overalls, parkas, cargo pants. These are pieces that express individuality, simplicity, and a willingness to evolve, much like their inspiration.

Stay tuned for details of the time I met George Wayne. And I don’t mean Batman’s brother…


My FASHION PULSE DAILY Reviews, Part II: Tracy Reese, Barbara Tfank, and Diesel Black Gold NYFW 2011

4 Mar
Mmmm, I love me some Tracy Reese, and Diesel, and now there’s a new fave to the mix. Miz Barbara Tfank.
Voici more guest posting from Fashion Pulse Daily

[Images via]

Tracy Reese

If you want pointers on how to have everything in a collection without going overboard, look to Tracy Reese. Fur, prints, mini and maxi skirts, accordion pleats, high-waisted trousers, sequins…every kind of girl can browse this collection and find a keeper for her closet. Like the black mini cocktail dress that starts with a sheer shimmer and ends in a fur skirt, or the accordion-pleated halter dress that’s both light and serious. If you’re going to do it all, this is the way to go.

[Images via]

Diesel Black Gold

A little bit of rock n’ roll, a little bit of military, and definitely not minimal, Diesel’s Black Gold Fall ’11 show displayed a pointed intent: to NOT do what everyone else was doing. Drawing on Diesel’s rich tradition of making casual clothing with an edge, designer Sophia Kokosalaki wanted to break from the season’s minimalism trend and stay true to her more-is-more clientele. This resulted in rich cable knits, asymmetrical silk skirts, lace-up denim, and fur-lapel coats for the guys — we’re happy Kokosalaki decided to do her own thing.

[Images via Kaci Hamilton]

Barbara Tfank

When a designer known for her decadent fabrics opts to incorporate more casual choices like denim and leather, our interest is definitely piqued. Barbara Tfank has never been the designer to see about a pair of jeans or leather skinny pants, but for her fall 2011 collection, she added her signature opulence to these common denominators, and they’re barely recognizable. She transformed leather into a swishing off-the-shoulder dress, and as for her take on denim, they became all dressed up as a capelet and flared pants.


My FASHION PULSE DAILY Reviews PART I: Milly by Michelle Smith and Dax Gabler NYFW 2011

2 Mar
So the reason for the unbelievable belatedness of this post is because I went to Jamaica right after Fashion Week, and there was no way in hell I was going to be on a computer with all that sun around…but I still wanted you to see what I wrote. So feast on my…
…lovely Guest Post from Fashion Pulse Daily

[Images via]

Milly by Michelle Smith

With a scene of frosty, snow-covered woods as the backdrop of her fall 2011 runway, it’s hard to not envision Milly by Michelle Smith’s models as modern Little Red Riding Hoods. This time they’re revamped with red puckers instead of capes, and punches of guava, teal, peach, and gold attire to put some zing in a winter scene. There were lots of culottes and a smattering of accordion pleats, with rich velvets and bouncy silks that would ensure an attention-worthy entrance for any girl, red hood or not.

[Images via Kaci Hamilton]

Dax Gabler

In her first collection since leaving her namesake company, Dax Gablerdesigner Devi Kroell has taken a break from her shiny, reptile skin heritage to take on a new one: that of her Tyrolean grandmother’s. Dax Gabler is Kroell’s grandmother’s maiden name, and this inaugural collection is also in her honor, and features boyfriend jackets, trenches, and cardigans, all in untreated Tyrolean wool. The bags, in cross-body and saddlebag styles, had their own bit of shimmer, with decorative rings dangling from leather straps and a metallic finish. So fans of the old Devi Kroell certainly won’t be too disappointed.

Parts II and III, coming right up.


Dolce Vita Sample Sale

10 Oct

So about two weeks ago I went a little crazy and bought three pairs of shoes and a dress at the Dolce Vita end of season sample sale. You know how it gets, when you somehow convince yourself on a rainy September day that you need two pairs of sandals, suede heels and a flowy silk dress? Yeah?

Well, I indulged. Awesome genu-wine leather all for under $50. How could I not get these bronze beauties pictured above……

Or these coma-of-love-inducing studded suede pumps, for which my roomie tells me at least once a week that she might have to club me over the head…..


Or these buttery black gems, of which I have wanted a pair forever?!…….

And last, but by no means least, the silk “butterfly” dress that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Ahhhhhhhhh, shopping, it does the body good.

La vie est belle,


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