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Fashion No Man’s Land

12 Jun

We’re between spring and fall fashion weeks. So I thought I would do a little fashion puck me up. This is also from Write Around the World. Jamaica hosts two annual fashion events: Style Week and Caribbean Fashion Week. Get a load of Style Week

Fashionistas and Gliterrati descended upon Kingston in May, and for a few days, everybody  flocked to shows and parties. Several models almost broke their wafer-thin faces on the bricks at Fort Charles at Port Royal , but fortunately, or should I say unfortunately, the night was trip-free. I do not have pics of that lovely ANTM finale-esque runway, however, I do have some choice pics from the mega stage on Knutsford Blvd for the last night of stylish events. However did Deiwght Peters do it? That’s pronounced “Dwight”, by the way.

The buns on this one……all they needed was some frosting.

You’re a tiger! You’re ferocious, eat the meat! Now run with the carcass! Drag it across the field! Excellent. Next model!

The Doctor made an appearance and all his future baby mammas in the crowd just lost it. I think some of them actually got pregnant that night by osmosis.

Product placement is everywhere. Even in the Third World.

She could stand to lose 15-20 pounds, easily. I don’t even know how she got this job. I need to raise this at the next meeting. That’s it, from now on, no one over 95 lbs. This thing has gone to the dogs.

My favourite male model. You could slice cheese with his cheekbones. I actually went backstage and tried. Best cheddar I ever had.


We Interrupt Our Regular Programming…

24 Sep

…to introduce a whole new category:

Stuff This Black Girl Likes

So there’s that Stuff White People Like blog, and I think there might even be a Stuff Black People Like blog (which is kinda controversial, cause if I’m not mistaken, it’s not written by a black person (uh oh, the “R” concept). Anyway, I thought this new category would allow me to break my own rule about  “having a very specific vision for my blog” and thus throw up stuff like this…

shop alexander wang

The Aline T-Strap Sandal by Alexander Wang

So here’s the deal. I love fashion. I love the back story, I love how designers can be inspired by anything from NYC’s yellow cabs, to vintage photographs, to Japanese zen gardens. Most of all, I love shoes. They’re like the last frontier – if such a thing even exists in fashion – a place where there is no hiding a lack of originality. When I first saw these shoes in the AW trunkshow on Moda Operandi (quick on the heels of New York Fashion Week), I gushed, “Oh my God!” as if in pain. Part boot, part leg brace, part sandal, Alexander Wang has taken it to another level. I adore these shoes. I want to snuggle with them like I would a body pillow. My quest to find a sugar daddy so I can own a pair is now in full throttle. Gimme a minute, I’ll be back with a progress report on that.

Till then…

Like On,


A Dose of Stranger Style

22 May

In honour of this breaking news alert, I thought it was time to share my recent encounter with Danish choreographer Toniah Pedersen. Toniah just wrapped up filming The X Factor Denmark (yes, I sent you there) and has shared her unique blend of R&B, rock, pop, and jazz choreography with people you will never meet, like LL Cool J and Mary J Blige. I caught her in the LES chowing down on some Jamaican food and looking too cool for her own good. (Alas, we are foiled by the Europeans, once again.)

This, people, is why it pays to live in Denmark. If you lived in Denmark, your top would be by Barbara Gongini and your awesome printed pants would be by Henrik Vibskov, two minimalist yet eclectically-detailed Danish designers. Lucky for you, there’s this trusty place called the Interwebs where you can order your very own Gongini/Vibskov creation.

As for being an awesome international choreographer with noted personal style…sorry, that doesn’t come in the mail.

SHTBC ♥ Danes,


Long Live the (Mc)Queen

11 Feb

“Beauty can come from the strangest of places, even the most disgusting places.”— Alexander McQueen

It’s February 11th, the 2-year anniversary of the death of Alexander ‘Lee’ McQueen. I was fortunate enough to be in New York at the time of his Savage Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the above is the only remnant of the pictures I tried to sneak, and has been the background pic on my phone ever since). I’ve never had the fortune to see an Alexander McQueen show, but I can only imagine how marvelous and visceral it must be. McQueen has said that he didn’t care if people liked his work, he just wanted them to leave his shows feeling something. I couldn’t leave the Savage Beauty exhibit not feeling something. As someone also in the arts (the creative writing grad programme at Hunter College), I do understand something about the process of inspiration and the subsequent translation of that inspiration into creation. It is arguable that no one, in fashion at least, did it better than McQueen.

Like all artists, he started with the autobiographical, the place that birthed him (Scotland) — but not so singularly that he forgot the place that raised him (England) — and then branched out into timeless muses: nature, other art (namely Literature), the cultures of the world, particularly their national dress. Yet, McQueen dove to dark depths with each collection and story, making clothes that told macabre tales of opposites, light and dark, tyrant and subject, destruction and redemption, the marginalized and the mainstream. That dark romanticism permeated all of the work produced in his epic 19-year career, and the exhibit at the Met was a journey through a fiercely driven and constantly-constructing creative mind. McQueen was an unyielding promoter of freedom of expression, and throughout the whole exhibit, there seemed to be a consistently underlying theme of struggle against the confines of what fashion can be.

Accessories like armour and bondage, rigid corsets, horns protruding from jackets, and who could ever forget the incredible “armadillo boots”; it’s as if McQueen was equipping his designs with the weaponry to fight against any attack. It should come as no surprise that he was inspired by Darwin, and the final collection in the exhibit, pieces from Plato’s Atlantis (spring/summer 2010), drew directly from On the Origin of the Species. It reflected McQueen’s thoughts on nature’s devolution with the prospect of the melting ice caps. It was a reptilian cornucopia, with scales (and who else but McQueen could channel that into armadillo boots!), kaleidoscopic prints, metallic textures, all while remaining true to the romantic ideal of the Sublime. After all, when you get swept up in a rushing hundreds-of-feet-high wave of hypothermic ice-cap water, I have to imagine that a certain calm will come over you as you are crushed in a muted death. But hey, that’s just me.

By the time the exhibit closed on August 7th, it was the most visited in the Met’s history. I waited in line for 2 hours, and of course it hurt my heart to have to spend that much time listening to some jock-infested family from the Midwest, or somewhere, with two 20-something boys, the father and the mother, with the latter being the only one who wanted to see the exhibit, though she didn’t know why. Assuredly, the men were going on about the wait and the only thing the mother could say was, “Everyone says it’s something to see.” And worse, they were in front of me! But I guess, if some knuckleheads can see such beauty and imagination and leave with more inspiration and knowledge than they had before, then I can let that one slide.

I’ll leave you with a quote by McQueen: “I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” I’m grateful he had that ability, as he gave the world a pure outpouring of all that he was, and it was truly beautiful.

To Beauty,


P.S. Check out a review of a Fall 2011 Alexander McQueen show from Paris Fashion Week that I did for Fashion Pulse Daily.

It Sucks to Be a Model

23 Jan

So this picture may not seem like it has anything to do with the overall theme of my blog going into 2012, which is to capture the New York that New Yorkers sometimes forget exists, but that makes the city what it is. But it in fact has everything to do with it. This is exactly the kind of stuff happening around the city that bag-laden shoppers forget. NYC is the fashion capital. Fashion is happening every day, every where, on ordinary people, on random street corners, while pedestrians pass by in a desensitized rush. Except me this past Wednesday. I was in the very fashion-conscious shopping area of Broadway for one of two new internships I started this winter, and on my lunch break, I spotted this lucky little nymph in the middle of a fashion shoot. Except, as with the nature of fashion, campaigns and designs for spring are shot/publicized/released in the winter, and so when you see a woman looking gorgeous outside in a strappy dress, she had to be standing in 20 degree, blustery windy weather to get the shot. I felt her pain, because in a dress, jacket coat and boots with thermal socks, I was freezing. But how does that expression go in fashion…oh yeah, “Get out there and stop whining. These aren’t the days of Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell and whether or not they’ll get out of bed for 5k. You’re nobody. And lose five pounds while you’re at it.” Yeah, I think that’s how it goes.

May the Force of Fashion Be with You,


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