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Fashion No Man’s Land

12 Jun

We’re between spring and fall fashion weeks. So I thought I would do a little fashion puck me up. This is also from Write Around the World. Jamaica hosts two annual fashion events: Style Week and Caribbean Fashion Week. Get a load of Style Week

Fashionistas and Gliterrati descended upon Kingston in May, and for a few days, everybody  flocked to shows and parties. Several models almost broke their wafer-thin faces on the bricks at Fort Charles at Port Royal , but fortunately, or should I say unfortunately, the night was trip-free. I do not have pics of that lovely ANTM finale-esque runway, however, I do have some choice pics from the mega stage on Knutsford Blvd for the last night of stylish events. However did Deiwght Peters do it? That’s pronounced “Dwight”, by the way.

The buns on this one……all they needed was some frosting.

You’re a tiger! You’re ferocious, eat the meat! Now run with the carcass! Drag it across the field! Excellent. Next model!

The Doctor made an appearance and all his future baby mammas in the crowd just lost it. I think some of them actually got pregnant that night by osmosis.

Product placement is everywhere. Even in the Third World.

She could stand to lose 15-20 pounds, easily. I don’t even know how she got this job. I need to raise this at the next meeting. That’s it, from now on, no one over 95 lbs. This thing has gone to the dogs.

My favourite male model. You could slice cheese with his cheekbones. I actually went backstage and tried. Best cheddar I ever had.


Because it’s Gorgeous Out…

17 Mar

…I’ve decided to do a post about…gowns! See the connection? Don’t worry, you can’t be in on the joke every time. I recently attended the first ever Bloggerini Event at Lair  NYC, where style expert Katlean de Monchy (she’s a regular on NBC’s TODAY Show, E! News, CNN and Inside Edition) showed us mere mortals how to look like red carpet divas on a mere mortal budget.

The dresses were all by Camille La Vie, doyenne of wedding dresses, prom dresses, and dresses of general awesome gorgeousness, you know, for that revenge date with that guy who dumped you in high school (oops, did I say that out loud?) I was truly baffled by the details and materials and the fact that just about all of them were under $500. Mere mortals unite!

There was also a display of Katlean’s newest jewelry line, the de Monchy Collection, perfect for pairing with these stellar dresses, or with jeans and a tee to pump the volume.

Case in point, here I am in a decidedly non-shimmering outfit, and if I may say so myself, that green has perked things up. Speaking of perking things up…the event was sponsored by, among others, Voli vodka, a low-calorie option for those who get all their calories from booze (ahem). I had the Bloggertini, a lemon-y, raspberry blend of deliciousness, and it did not taste like I was on any kind of booze diet. Liquid calorie consumers unite!

So, I’m inventing a new expression: Revenge is a dish best served on the rocks and sparkly.

Happy Gorgeous Drinking!


Up in the Air

22 Mar


So I recently went out of town and had the great fortune to come back to NYC in the middle of the morning on one of the warmest, clearest days in forever. As I was flying over the city, I just felt this overwhelming sense of happiness that I live here and get to be on the ground, amid the frenetic pace and exoticism. I’ve been very lucky in life, and had some truly fabulous experiences, so I’m pretty much thrilled on a daily basis to add living in New York to that.

So to everyone who loves this incredible city, this one is for you.


Stay frenetic,


The Crest 3D White Party

7 Mar

So last Thursday I attended the Crest 3D White Party, as I had the fortune to be one of 50 people to RSVP first to Daily Candy‘s invite. I got my white strips in the mail, put them on 2 hours before the event and when I got there, there were all kinds of treats to help me show off my new smile: a brushing station for proper post-white strip application care, then hair and make-up to get me ready for my close-up, and last but by no mean least, champagne. 🙂 Oh, and how could I forget, an uploading station for immediate transferral of the glam shots to my facebook page!

The pic above is a tiny version of my close-up (I did everything I could to get a bigger version), taken from facebook, so click on the pic or the link below to see the bigger version.

The scene at the Crest 3D White Party

Later, at Drom NYC. Check out that smile, you can see it from space!

After all is said and done, I have to say I really saw a difference in the before and after with the white strips. I had been meaning to try some kind of at-home kit, and I think this may just be the ticket.

Thanks to the Crest 3D White crew for a fun time. Going to spread the word on this one.

Till later,


Leather and Latex at Michael Angel, South Coast Cool at Nautica, Bauhaus for Buckler Sally Lapointe and Luis Valenzuela Spring 2011 Collections

16 Sep

Review! Reviews! More fashionable news from this fashionable week. From Fashion Pulse Daily

[Images via]

Michael Angel

Light and dark, soft and hard, thesis and antithesis…having contrasts can be a great thing. They bring dimension and diversity, adding that Je ne sais quoi where it was previously non-existent. Michael Angel’s Spring 2011 collection was full of them: hidden vs revealed, inspired by a recent trip to Rome, bursting prints vs matte, transparent latex, buttoned-up collars vs. skirts with daring slits. Throughout it all, the designer kept his trademark prints yet somehow managed to present a simple, minimalist collection that was at times, appropriately austere and lush.

[Images via]


If the models on Buckler’s Spring runway looked like fresh-faced Eastern European athletes, that look was intentional. Designer Andrew Buckler, whose self-proclaimed design concept is “English bloke meets New York,” said he was inspired by Bauhaus, as well as the 1936 Olympics. “The guys have sort of just come in off the running field,” the designer shared with FPD in a quick post-show interview. There was a weathered elegance to the pieces, with a splash of sportiness and a pinch of rock and roll. I’d like to think that if Kafka was around, he might pick up a Buckler piece or two on the way to the library, or the gym.

[Images via]


For Nautica, Spring 2011 is all about the water , the people and the places of the American Southern Coast: easy, charming, vibrant, authentic. A great showing of casual, yet put-together menswear echoed the sentiments of spring 2011: variations of khaki with a burst of color here and there is the way to go.

[Images via the Sally LaPointe Facebook page]

Sally LaPointe

“A mix of beauty and distortion, the collection is inspired by the intoxication of accepting madness.” This is the opening statement on Sally LaPointe’s Spring 2011 run-of-show. What followed was beautiful and distorted alright, with exaggerated shoulders and hips, and rose-embellished moon boots with billowing, amorphous dresses. It was foreign and bright, with lots of shimmering silver and patches of black, much like what you imagine a trip to the moon might be.

[Images via Kaci Hamilton]

Luis Valenzuela

Eco-friendly fashionistas out there, prepare to be blown away by Luis Valenzuela’s Spring 2011 collection. The artist/designer was inspired by, of all people, his grandfather, to create a women’s collection made from existing materials: a lamp shade, men’s trousers, an old chandelier. The result was a whole new take on “masculine” women’s wear. Valenzuela still managed to evoke Victorian drama even when you could see the waistband and belt loops of a pair of men’s pants as the back of a model’s dress.



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