The Bashness Part II

18 May

More on the best reason to visit Treasure Beach in May…

The scene of the crime.

Jack Sprat restaurant, aka the liming spot, the ramping shop, the meet and greet, the support system, where it’s at.
Wayne Arnold, Ibo Cooper and Seretse Small et al playing semi-acoustic versions of the lyrics of Beres Hammond.
Vintage Calabash.

The Calabash booths amid the ever-present throng of customers. I bought books instead of earrings and very cute dresses.
Author Xu Xi recounting tales of a middle-class upbringing in Hong Kong, about not realizing her maid had a family until much later than is logical, about the Hong Kong vs English version of the warning about the door opening as the metro approaches the station. Reminds me of the good times in China. Ahhhh…..

The crowd and the view.

Niece extraordinaire, Isabel. Doesn’t she look like she would dive off a change table just to spite the changer? There’s a hint of Garfield in this picture that isn’t sitting well with me.

Heading out of town had its own share of sights…

The notorious pepper shrimp from Middle Quarters.

This young one doesn’t realize how close it came to being road kill. [No animals were harmed in the making of this post.]


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