Grenada. Without Any Invasions.

22 Apr

So, never mind that the pictures are arriving after in a whole separate post, this is what happens with first time bloggers. Just cool. Above we have the tranquil horizon pool and La Luna restaurant by dusk, but really all I see is Daniele’s risotto.
Conch shell on La Luna beach. So Island-y. (Said in that Talk Soup, “So meat-y” way)
Tanning options by the La Luna yoga pavilion. Ommmmmmmmmm……….
Oh, the cheery deck at Mount Cinnamon. We passed through one day for lunch.
Yummy, fruit punch, courtesy of La Luna. Below, a handful of nutmeg and lady in waiting. Hopefully not in vain. Actually, I was sitting in a restaurant across the street and she stood there the whole time. Not sure if she was actually waiting, or just hanging out, catching up about the latest gossip about Ms Isis and how she stole Ms Esmerelda’s husband and then kicked him out the house late one night. It’s a small town. That could be what she was up to. And continuing, the luminous bar of La Source, for nighttime drinks, a waterfall whose name I forget right now, and quaint St Georges. Good times.


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