SHTBC Travels in Time

1 Apr

I had another blog before this one. It was called Write Around the World. The posts were about, wait for it, wait for it, travel. I made a Sophie’s Choice and forewent that one for this when I moved to New York, until I had the bright idea to merge content (I never said  I was bright) and do what I’ve always wanted to do, which is share more travel stories. It took 10 years, sweat, no blood, but definitely lots of tears, and I have made myself into a travel writer. Standing recently in the middle of crystal blue-green water at Pink Sands Resort on Harbour Island in the Bahamas (on assignment no less), I had to acknowledge that. So I’m going to celebrate it. You’re going to see a lot more travel pieces. So return your tray table to upright and locked position.

travel graphic

And don’t forget about those electronic devices…



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