We Interrupt Our Regular Programming…

24 Sep

…to introduce a whole new category:

Stuff This Black Girl Likes

So there’s that Stuff White People Like blog, and I think there might even be a Stuff Black People Like blog (which is kinda controversial, cause if I’m not mistaken, it’s not written by a black person (uh oh, the “R” concept). Anyway, I thought this new category would allow me to break my own rule about  “having a very specific vision for my blog” and thus throw up stuff like this…

shop alexander wang

The Aline T-Strap Sandal by Alexander Wang

So here’s the deal. I love fashion. I love the back story, I love how designers can be inspired by anything from NYC’s yellow cabs, to vintage photographs, to Japanese zen gardens. Most of all, I love shoes. They’re like the last frontier – if such a thing even exists in fashion – a place where there is no hiding a lack of originality. When I first saw these shoes in the AW trunkshow on Moda Operandi (quick on the heels of New York Fashion Week), I gushed, “Oh my God!” as if in pain. Part boot, part leg brace, part sandal, Alexander Wang has taken it to another level. I adore these shoes. I want to snuggle with them like I would a body pillow. My quest to find a sugar daddy so I can own a pair is now in full throttle. Gimme a minute, I’ll be back with a progress report on that.

Till then…

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