Bermuda Week Continues

23 Jul

Don’t try to click on that like it’s a video. It’s not. It’s a screen shot. But if you click on it in general, it will take you to the video. So I guess they’re one and the same. This is a little video I like to call “That’s What She Said!” Try putting the stress on ‘said’. Practically shout it. It makes it even more fun. 

In this vid, I’m getting down with some sausage at the Brazilian BBQ restaurant aboard the Norwegian Star, Moderno Churrascaria. It was dangerously good. I got hit by a meat truck and suffered one. delicious. injury. after. another. I subsequently fell into a meat coma and fell asleep in my outfit with a bathrobe over it. But I digress. Here, the waitress is telling me about the best cut of meat on the menu. My face is about as inappropriate as food was.

And then when I couldn’t take it anymore…

That’s how you beg for mercy.

Happy Colon Cleanse Day,



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