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Good Weather = Good Times

2 Jun

So when NYC decides to show off with cloudless skies, 75 degree temps, and a cool acid breeze lilting in off the East River, the denizens do come out in droves. And typical to the nature of a city bursting with people, they spill onto the streets, the sidewalks, the steps leading up to their walk-ups. Like this handy little trio. After a grueling morning paddle-boarding in Orlando and then enduring the subsequent flight back to the city, I was wheeling my little Delsey down Houston when I caught these friends enjoying some Indian fare in their own makeshift “outdoor seating”. It was brilliant. Their meal probably cost $12 collectively, and they had the best seat in the house and no wrath of gratuity. All because it hadn’t rained for the first time in a week and they were having a moment. NYC, quit being douchy and bring on summer already. It’s obvious we enjoy you to the fullest when you’re in fine form.

And in more trios enjoying the NYC weather news…

I caught another trio having some good weather fun, serenading a brunch crowd on 2nd St. There’s perhaps nothing more inspiring than seeing an outburst of art where you least expect it. It makes the event doubly enjoyable. Like discovering something. I totally get Columbus now. Next time you catch one of those flash mobs, you think about that.

Happy Tank Top Wearing,


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