You Have 3 Days Left to See Jane Fine

20 Apr


“Each painting is a creative battle whose outcome is redemptive. Using painterly invention as a sign for optimism, the work becomes celebratory. There’s room to dance, even if all the party guests are scarred and bandaged.” I (kinda) recently attended the opening of Formulas for Now, Jane Fine‘s art exhibit currently on at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn. It was an impromptu jaunt over the bridge, but one I’m glad I made. Like Jackson Pollock, Edgar Allan Poe, and Philip Roth before her, Jane Fine deals in forms of chaos, or more appropriately, their aftermath. But what is perhaps most extraordinary this exhibit is her quasi-Pollock-like technique, using dripping, as well as strokes and washes, yet without any direction, or plan or blueprint. And yet she still manages to capture a pretty accurate depiction of when the dust settles, and we are left amid the debris.


She replaced some of her usual saturated colours with a darker, more neutral (maybe even more ominous) palette, but the effect is an organic experience with pieces like “Taking a Plunge into the Nasty Unknown”.


If you haven’t deduced by now, when an artist creates a painting using materials like markers, constructing without a plan, no piece can be recreated. So every piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

(Three days)


This is Fine’s fifth one-person exhibit at Pierogi but she’s no stranger to the national art scene, having had, or been a part of, shows in San Fran, LA, New Orleans, Boston, Houston. The show ends on April 22, so if you want to look like this guy, I suggest you go.


Jane Fine
Formulas for Now
Pierogi Gallery
177 North 9th St.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
11:00 AM – 6 PM


Plunge into the Chaos,



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  1. kacihamilton April 20, 2012 at 11:08 #

    Thanks for the love from CGMY Art and Ediliociclostile!!!

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