Coffee Makes You Gregular

4 Apr

Gregory Zamfois of Gregory's Coffee

Blogger, bloggers, bloggers…you wandering transplants huddled around the single outlet in the middle of the Astor Place Starbucks, I am here to tell you about a revolution: a coffee shop that not only wants us laptop luggers to come and while away the hours across their furniture, they actually reward it.

Last week bloggers, the Twitterati, and coffee gourmands feted at the 46th street location of Gregory’s Coffee, in celebration of the time old tradition of dragging yourself to the nearest drink house and getting stuff done. The franchise issued “growlers” to their favourite bloggers, in the categories of nightlife, foodie, online advice, music, fashion, and self-promotion; and in true caffeine-addiction conspiration, said growlers are refillable with iced coffee for life! Hallelujah, praise the lord!

Jonathan Valdez snags a growler for his fashion blog, Orange Juice and Biscuits

Tereza Nemmessanyi also gets a lifetime supply of iced coffee for Best Online Advice Blog

(SHTBC Tidbit: I filmed a segment with Tereza herself for Honestly Now‘s first ever webisode. The minute I get it, so will you…)

For Gregory, it’s all about supporting his biggest supporters, and bringing something new to the same ol’ Starbucks/Think Coffee routine. Zamfois says he wants to continue to provide a place where bloggers can gather and call their “office”. Mmmmm, four fresh midtown office locations and the price of rent is cup after cup of my favourite drink…I’m in.

Happy Working,



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