That’s Vitae…with an X

2 Apr

Hells yeah, for explicitly mouth orgasmic. As a fan of Top Chef, and someone who regularly speaks about food like one of the judges — “There’s a really nice crunch here. Great texture.” “The flavor really permeated the dish, with just the right amount of acid.” — I was in dining heaven on a recnt trip to Vitae in midtown. Sexy silverware, knowledgeable staff, a sommelier on hand…and just look at that steak! That’s what sold me. I didn’t care what it took, I had to have the precious. Unfortunately, said steak was not on hand, but nevertheless I had an incredible meal. Starting with the Seared Diver Scallop with cauliflower, romanesco, raisins, and red Thai curry sauce, I moved on to the Herb Risotto with shellfish and lobster sauce.

The Seared Diver Scallop

The dish had crunch, spice, sweet, acid, and the scallops simply melted in your mouth. It was the ultimate realization what I imagined the dish could be.

The Herb Risotto

Then there was the risotto. Sigh, let me count the ways…the shrimp was cooked to perfection, springy and crisp, and the whole dish exuded a bouquet of aroma, and I mean that literally. With every bite, I thought of flowers, about time lapse videos of them bursting into bloom. And after all of that, my favourite dessert, crème brûlée. There are no pics of that, it was gone by the time it hit the table.

The whole experience was especially impressive, considering they had only been open for 2 days at the time, but it seems packing the place with a bunch of friends and family — so the staff can feel the rush of a full house — has its payoffs.

Go. Vitae. Now. It’s as imperative as the name implies.

NEW YORK, NY 10017

In the words of Wooderson, this is L-I-V-I-N’,



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