It Sucks to Be a Model

23 Jan

So this picture may not seem like it has anything to do with the overall theme of my blog going into 2012, which is to capture the New York that New Yorkers sometimes forget exists, but that makes the city what it is. But it in fact has everything to do with it. This is exactly the kind of stuff happening around the city that bag-laden shoppers forget. NYC is the fashion capital. Fashion is happening every day, every where, on ordinary people, on random street corners, while pedestrians pass by in a desensitized rush. Except me this past Wednesday. I was in the very fashion-conscious shopping area of Broadway for one of two new internships I started this winter, and on my lunch break, I spotted this lucky little nymph in the middle of a fashion shoot. Except, as with the nature of fashion, campaigns and designs for spring are shot/publicized/released in the winter, and so when you see a woman looking gorgeous outside in a strappy dress, she had to be standing in 20 degree, blustery windy weather to get the shot. I felt her pain, because in a dress, jacket coat and boots with thermal socks, I was freezing. But how does that expression go in fashion…oh yeah, “Get out there and stop whining. These aren’t the days of Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell and whether or not they’ll get out of bed for 5k. You’re nobody. And lose five pounds while you’re at it.” Yeah, I think that’s how it goes.

May the Force of Fashion Be with You,



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