Fresh Fanatic Bakery by Chef Michael Allen is Open!

3 Dec

Vegan Chocolate Cookies from Chef Michael Allen

Image: The Restaurant Fairy

Vegans Unite! Now you have one more thing to brag about along with your incredible digestive tract…gourmet desserts made just for you! I was recently invited to taste and fall in love with the products of a collaboration between Brooklyn grocery Fresh Fanatic and celeb chef pastry Michael Allen. The grocery and Allen are feeling the pain of the lactose and gluten intolerant/anti-animal ingredients/slow foodies and they partnered to supply BK and the greater NYC with delectable French pastries that are organic, vegan and gluten-free. And let me tell you, these are not your mother’s rock hard cookies. The crème brûlée, the madeleines, the chocolate cookies, they’ll have you saying, “Got [soy] milk?”

Image: Clinton Hill Foodie

So the next time you’re in the Clinton Hill area, and you want to flaunt your gastronomic superiority (without breaking any teeth), swing by Fresh Fanatic and grab a vegan baguette. It will make the butter you lather on it taste waaaaay better.

Fresh Fanatic Bakery by Michael Allen
80 Washington Ave
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Happy Organic Eating,



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