Happy Thanksgiving!

24 Nov

I was walking down St. Mark’s Place in the East Village the other day and I saw these guys unloading zillions of pumpkins in this handy little relay system (there’s another guy under the stairs). It took 13 shots and constantly pausing for the plethora of pedestrians weaving in and out of the mêlée but I thought this scene was so indicative of holidays in the city: over-the-top, quick, completed with efficiency and practicality, yet with just the right hint of wistfulness. After all, here is a ridiculously excessive pile of pumpkins in the middle of the at times very cynical East Village. But it just goes to show, even in the most blasphemous of hoods, we all want, and are thrilled to see, a little bit of the rural small town.

Enjoy all the delicious drama and have a happy holiday.



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