A Dose of Stranger Style

21 Nov

So it should come as no surprise that the Starbucks featured in the Sex and the City movie (the first one, people, I don’t think the Sheikhs do Joe), would be the source of some inspiring street style. And here is where I encountered Ben, who also happens to work in fashion, and totally won me over with his preppy ease and that he was carrying flowers. I found no fault with that scenario.

I’m loving the simple layers that give texture and variety, the cuffed ankles, the subdued palette, and my absolute, ABSOLUTE, favourite item…the glasses. They’re so Arthur (the cartoon not the man boy) meets Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Think about it. Who hasn’t wanted to de-spectacle the cutie in the back of the library, toss aside his books and mess up his hair? And just in case you still have a hard time going there with me, let me put it in Newspeak: JT wished he looked this adorable in glasses. Eat your heart out Jessica Schmiel!


Happy Putting Some Prep in Your Step,



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