A Dose of Stranger Style

24 Oct

Personally, I’m always nervous about pairing brights. I worry the combination will scream cartoon. So when I saw Debby Friedmann, of the fashion label Mayer Berlin, enjoying a lazy coffee at Starbucks, I had to get a shot of her style.  It’s no easy feat to pair purple, green, and red and have it look effortless. I think it’s all about the right shades of these colours. There’s something almost Prada-esque or Jil Sander-ish about their primary-ness. The green is more teal than forest-y, the red is bright and punchy, and the purple is regal, lush. Then anchoring the look with the black harem pants and tassled bag, gold sandals, and aviators completes the element of thrown-together cool. Brights can be done, people, they just have to play well with others.

Happy Brightening Your Fall



One Response to “A Dose of Stranger Style”

  1. Tiara November 3, 2011 at 20:49 #

    shldnt have shown me this!! im ALL about brights this fall!!! love your writing!!

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