My Coverage of Fashion Week

20 Sep

I missed the fabulous, fashion-filled tents this year. I never even made it near Lincoln Centre, and I must admit, I am woebegone at the thought of what I missed:  the overly accessorized interns, the harried bloggers, the effortlessly gliding stylists, the circus acts, the demure celebs, and the skillfully multitasking ushers and attendants controlling what should easily be absolute chaos.

My week was nevertheless not without some sartorially savvy sightings. I had time and place to catch only one on camera, when I ran into AJ (right) and Christopher  on an L train platform.  They were heading in the 8th ave direction, assuredly to another decadent display of style, and were gracious enough to pose. Now, I don’t know what AJ and Christopher do, but that’s not the point now is it. It’s how they look, which is damn foine! From the glasses, or lack thereof, to the matching pocket squares and neck accessories, to the socks, or again, lack thereof, it’s all just enough without being too much.

Now, if you’ll join me in raising a glass to style, I think my work here will be done.

Happy Dressing!



















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