My Chocolate Cavity, Filled

11 Apr

Last week there was a gaping chocolate cavity in my body that simply could not be filled. The faux chocolate croissant from the Hunter College cafeteria was a tease. The subsequent vending machine package of M&Ms was a drop in the bucket. The gourmet tiramisu from the Lexington Ave coffee shop started to make some gains, but tiramisu really is more cream than chocolate. Finally, I met my friend Julie at Tartinery, a lovely low-lit Nolita French Bistro. The chocolate climax was reached. I used the passive tense here because Tartinery’s “Fondant au Chocolat” swept over me like a soothing tide. I was at its mercy. There were inappropriate dinner table noises, lengthy spoon-licking — again inappropriate — and a bizarre feeling of wanting to marry the waitress. Their website says “let the bread do the talking.” Oh silly, silly Tartinery, I beg to differ.



209 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012


Happy inappropriate spoon licking,



One Response to “My Chocolate Cavity, Filled”


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