A Dose of Subway Stranger Style

20 Mar

As promised, I want to start posting pics of  some of the cool people I encounter on the New York subway. Aren’t these the same people when they’re above ground, you ask? Why, yes they are, but something about the dingy subway lighting, the crowds, and the dungeon-ness are so NYC, and that’s what this blog is all about. Celebrating this phenomenal city. So here is the first installment of Subway Stranger Style, caught at Astor Place.

Kimmon is a Korean student at Brooklyn college and Hana was just in town visiting (how perfectly NYC is that!). With how unpredictable and crazy the weather has been, I thought Hana was doing a great job of bringing out the shorts without looking crazy. And no, Kimmon’s pants are not wet from the thigh down. That’s leather baby (I think), and I love how both of them are keeping it super simple but still standing out. It took all my strength not to snatch Kimmon’s wayfarers and run.

Keep it simple strangers, and I hope to see you underground.



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