The Crest 3D White Party

7 Mar

So last Thursday I attended the Crest 3D White Party, as I had the fortune to be one of 50 people to RSVP first to Daily Candy‘s invite. I got my white strips in the mail, put them on 2 hours before the event and when I got there, there were all kinds of treats to help me show off my new smile: a brushing station for proper post-white strip application care, then hair and make-up to get me ready for my close-up, and last but by no mean least, champagne. 🙂 Oh, and how could I forget, an uploading station for immediate transferral of the glam shots to my facebook page!

The pic above is a tiny version of my close-up (I did everything I could to get a bigger version), taken from facebook, so click on the pic or the link below to see the bigger version.

The scene at the Crest 3D White Party

Later, at Drom NYC. Check out that smile, you can see it from space!

After all is said and done, I have to say I really saw a difference in the before and after with the white strips. I had been meaning to try some kind of at-home kit, and I think this may just be the ticket.

Thanks to the Crest 3D White crew for a fun time. Going to spread the word on this one.

Till later,



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