It’s Fashion Week – Day…Oh I Forget

16 Feb

On my way to peruse the Barbara Tfank Fall 2011 presentation, I ran into Sai on the street. And keeping my commitment to capturing looks that inspire me, I had to stop her. Can you believe she asked me why I wanted to take her pic? Cause you have style, girl!

Also outside Barbara Tfank, I caught a quick pic of Marissa (hope I got the spelling right). I liked her simplicity and pop of colour.

Rae Holliday, Co-Creator of, was nice enough to strike a pose at the Diesel Black Gold show. I’m loving the denim vest.

With Diesel all done, I was lucky enough to be exiting right by the one, the only, Bryan Boy. The guy knows how to go big or go home!

Now this is a true Stranger Style moment; I caught this fashionista on the way out of the Diesel Black Gold show and I didn’t get any of her info. But the coat is vintage and she knows where to find me…

And in this surprise find, I made a brief return to my real life as a grad student at the New York Public Library, and ended up sitting beside  Stephanie Soong of Chicago Magazine. She was, fittingly, on her way to Marc Jacobs fall 2011. Yes, I was jealous.

Just goes to show, fashion is everywhere.

Happy dressing,



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