Keith Mackie: Coming to a Supermarket Near You!

3 Jan

First post of the new year. Let’s do this………….

I got a call from my friend Elijah the other night. “Hey, do you want to come to my friend’s art show?” At first I didn’t want to, but my rolling New Year’s resolution is to accept just about all the invitations I get, so I went. And this is what I found.




And of course, we have to have some Stranger Style! Brooklyn (left) and Fiona were kind enough to pose.



And this was my favourite piece of art. There’s a swastika at the top and then it says “Heil Gott”[which means “Holy God” in German] on the cross. In the crowd, three people shout “I want summa dat”, “Fried Jesus” and “Dass my baby”.



Eh, voilà here is the artist, Keith Mackie.

The show was in a bike shop, 10 blocks from my house. I took a brief break from my laptop and this is what ensues. Let’s hear it for New York.


La vie est belle



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