Beef Like Butta

21 Nov

Now that my midterm research project is all done, I can get back to business….(damn you grad school).

I recently went to the Stone Rose Lounge at the top of the Shops at Columbus Circle for late night drinks, a follow-up to attending  “A Free Man of Color” (post to come later). Plush seating, wood panelling, and swanky Brit rock won me over before I even sat down. Funny enough, my first show of Fashion Week had been at 9 AM in the lounge, but the view at 11 at night was something else all together. Radiohead played a soundtrack to the view of cars rushing around Columbus Circle four stories below. I was hovering above quintessential New York, the sky infused with light from skyscrapers, Art Deco complexes rubbing shoulders with modern glass and steel marvels. And then we ordered the Kobe beef skewers.

I’ve watched those Food Network shows where the likes of Giada De Laurentiis and Ina Garten talk about different foods melting in your mouth. Quite frankly, I thought they were being ridonculous! How can beef, a thick, hearty meat, melt in your mouth?! The Kobe beef skewers at the Stone Rose Lounge truly proved me wrong. Presented in such simplicity – literally just on the skewer with a hint of garnish – sliced oh so thinly, and coated in a sweet, BBQ-ey sauce with Asian undertones, this beef was DIVINE. It seemed to evaporate upon touching my tongue. Of course, I made inappropriate noises, told the waitress that I would like to marry the chef, and had to have the plate pried from my sauce-coated fingers. I think about that beef everyday, and that chef, who I need in my life, some way, some how. If ever you’re in New York, visit one less store on your shopping day and spend the money on the beef skewers. That deliciousness will last longer than the cute dress, trust me.

The Stone Rose Lounge

Time Warner Center

10 Columbus Cir., at 58th St., 4th fl., New York


Bon Apetit!



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