i Was at Restaurant i and i Lounge When it Opened

20 Oct

Since I moved to New York three months ago and left sleepy Jamaica, I haven’t been going out much (gasp!). But I had a very nice re-entry into the NYC nightlife world with the opening of Restaurant i and i Lounge. Both the restaurant (upstairs) and lounge (downstairs) were mod and minimalist, with cool effects like a ceiling that consistently changed colours and a back-lit, “woven”, metalwork wall ornament. I didn’t get a chance to see an actual menu, but the salmon tartare made me want to be a fish, so I could be made into something so delicious.

FYI, this is where all the beautiful hipsters are spending their nights. I met an editor from Seventeen, a Fashion consultant and one of the guys responsible for keeping you filled with Pop Chips. Yah, Restaurant i and i Lounge, it’s a popping spot. I can’t wait to go back and eat more than just a bite of the most scrumptious hors d’œuvres ever! Swing by for a drink, a snack, or a dance….it’s all good.

Restaurant i and i Lounge, 893 Broadway, 646.398.9663 info@restauranti.com and lounge@restauranti.com.

Tata till next time,



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