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i Was at Restaurant i and i Lounge When it Opened

20 Oct

Since I moved to New York three months ago and left sleepy Jamaica, I haven’t been going out much (gasp!). But I had a very nice re-entry into the NYC nightlife world with the opening of Restaurant i and i Lounge. Both the restaurant (upstairs) and lounge (downstairs) were mod and minimalist, with cool effects like a ceiling that consistently changed colours and a back-lit, “woven”, metalwork wall ornament. I didn’t get a chance to see an actual menu, but the salmon tartare made me want to be a fish, so I could be made into something so delicious.

FYI, this is where all the beautiful hipsters are spending their nights. I met an editor from Seventeen, a Fashion consultant and one of the guys responsible for keeping you filled with Pop Chips. Yah, Restaurant i and i Lounge, it’s a popping spot. I can’t wait to go back and eat more than just a bite of the most scrumptious hors d’œuvres ever! Swing by for a drink, a snack, or a dance….it’s all good.

Restaurant i and i Lounge, 893 Broadway, 646.398.9663 and

Tata till next time,



Spitzer’s Corner, the Lower East Side Gastropub

13 Oct


So the other night, I met up with my awesome doctor friend Julie for drinks and she said, “The baby’s hungry, how about we go to Spitzer’s cause they have awesome truffle mac n’ cheese?” She being ‘the baby’ and me being sold at ‘mac’. Obviously, I concurred.

As someone who spent the better part of their undergrad on the inside of a Kraft mac and cheese box, I have a soft spot for this wonderful side dish. So anyone who opts to sexy it up becomes simply put, my favourite. My favourite what, you ask? No, just that, my favourite. The chef at Spitzer’s is now my favourite. He/she/it was thinking solely of me (and maybe a bit about Julie) when they truffled up that mac and cheese, and my, how he/she/it got it right. Add to that a bevy of beers on tap, cafeteria style benches and these awesome flip up windows that make you feel like you’re outside, and we have a winner! Where is the picture of this incredible mac and cheese, you ask? I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. It was over before it even started. I suggest you consult the menu and let your imagination do the rest.

Spitzer’s Corner, 101 Rivington Street. Give them a shout at 212-228-0027 or drop a line to

Joyeux Mac and Cheesing,


Dolce Vita Sample Sale

10 Oct

So about two weeks ago I went a little crazy and bought three pairs of shoes and a dress at the Dolce Vita end of season sample sale. You know how it gets, when you somehow convince yourself on a rainy September day that you need two pairs of sandals, suede heels and a flowy silk dress? Yeah?

Well, I indulged. Awesome genu-wine leather all for under $50. How could I not get these bronze beauties pictured above……

Or these coma-of-love-inducing studded suede pumps, for which my roomie tells me at least once a week that she might have to club me over the head…..


Or these buttery black gems, of which I have wanted a pair forever?!…….

And last, but by no means least, the silk “butterfly” dress that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Ahhhhhhhhh, shopping, it does the body good.

La vie est belle,


It’s a rap….on Fashion Week

2 Oct

This is what it's all about people, the superzoom pic of Anna Wintour from a gizzilion rows away.

So I had this whole plan about writing a rap about Fashion Week based on the lyrics of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, but this is as far as I got…

So this is a story all about how

my life got flipped turned upside down….

I got a “job” fashion bloggin and my boss got busy,

She said, “You’re moving with the newbies to Lincoln Center, you hear!”

I whistled for a cab and when it came near,

The cabbie was fresh and he had ice in his ears

I thought “Hey it’s New York, this ain’t rare,

It’s Fashion Week baby and I’m front rowin’, yeah yeah!”

Could I be sent to Blogging prison for that? Eh, I’ll take my chances. I just wanted to do a quick bit but about some of the highlights of the week and some of the craziness I wore…There were a couple Rachel Zoe furry vest moments, and I would do them all again damnit!

Then comes the outfits. On a couple of occasions, some photogs outside Lincoln Centre took my pic. Who knows if it was for the best or worst dressed list…

This was my first day and everything except my bag and earrings came from H&M. I admit, I have a problem.

Taken by a newfound friend, Rick Weaver from Icon Americana. Club Monaco shorts and top, Lush jacket, inherited wool scarf and Guess pumps.

I was having a Rachel Zoe moment. I think. The vest I got from an ex-BF for moving to Alaska, Fergie shoes. Not sure where the rest is from…

This was one of my fave looks and I never got a full length pic. H&M leopard dress, rabbit fur and wool vest (on loan from my good friend Kim Martin Cotten). Necklace from previously mentioned Accessory to the Fact, the store my friend Collie owns.

On the last day of Fashion Week, I decided to go out with a bang….this may have been on of those days Coco Chanel was talking about when she said take off one thing before you left the house, but I went wearing all of it anyway. Ah, running before I can walk…….Guess jacket and shoes, H&M shoes and tights, INC top.

And that is my fashion week wrap up. I CANNOT wait till spring! Keep reading till then.



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