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A Visit to the Yvette Fry Showroom

27 Sep

My friend Collie Richards, owner of one of the chicest handbag and accessory stores in Jamaica, Accessory to the Fact, was recently visiting and I got the chance to see one of the places where she gets all her incredible stock: the Yvette Fry showroom. The bookshelves of beautiful bags and bling lined the room, and it was all I could do to not claim ownership of my own fabulous store (what say you, my closet doesn’t count?) and walk out with one of everything.

That’s right, Yvette Fry is for suppliers only, but thankfully they supply to many a cool NYC boutique and store.  I don’t know about too many others, but Moo Shoes carries Yvette Fry designers, and they’re on 78 Orchard St.

The outstanding candidates of the day get some special mention. Melie Bianco made me want to throw my own bag out the window, Vieta Fashion brought new meaning to the phrase  “I have to have to this” and I had no idea who Paul Smotrys was before (pictured above), but I want him in my life from this point forward.

Scrumptious! This is the Melie Bianco Margo Canvas Tote. Gorgeous, multi-faceted, very functional…..say no more.

Remember that comment about me needing things….fringe clutch with chains.

More Melie Bianco…the Kiera Chain Bucket bag.

And one of the new arrivals for spring. Eyelet on a bag…Genius!

Just a hint of what to expect from the Vieta collection…….Stop. Just stop it.

And Paul Smotrys’ delicate but bold letter necklaces for Gauge NYC. If you think these are cool, he also does phrases and cake toppers!

Thanks to the management and staff at the Yvette Fry showroom for letting me browse around and take pics. It was such a treat!

Happy bag and bling shopping,


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