Bite: Street Inspired Art and Fashion, and a Dose of Stranger Style

14 Sep

The Crowd at BITE, hosted at 3rd Streaming, 10 Greene St

On the same night as the Anda and Masha Hat Launch, I attended BITE: Street Inspired Art and Fashion where my newest “bredgren” Peter Dean Rickards was a part of the show. It was, in my opinion, a typical NYC art event: the space crammed with hipsters, the drinks nice and strong, and you never knew if you were bumping into something the curator forgot to move or an actual exhibit piece. Needless to say, I loved it!

Mr. Rickards, photographer, videographer and director, had two pieces up on the projector, Proverbs 24:10 and Street Life. Unfortunately, the party’s soundtrack drowned out his original music, but the images were haunting nonetheless, slow motion Jamaican dancers and ghetto denizen, moving to their own silent beat. For more on Peter, check out his website, or just look in astonishment at this pic right here, blatantly stolen from there…

The Afflicted Yard ¦ Kingston 2002 – 2006

There was also a quick interactive fashion show, where the models came out, both male and female, and then promptly switched jackets. When I spoke to the African designer Tunsi (damn, from exactly where in that massive continent now escapes me), he said he wanted to not only present a live look book, but also play with the idea of there being no sex. Boy puts on girl jacket, girl puts on boy jacket…..kinda gets the job done.

Models swapping jackets for Tunsi’s “Live Look Book”

The artist, Tunsi

And now for that Dose of Stranger Style. I ran into Alexis Greene on the way to the bathroom, and noticed her very simple, yet lux-looking grey dress. Turns out I was right about the lux factor, cause it came from le fabuleux Paris. Paired with a little rope belt, and the perfect pop of colour from her shoes, it was simultaneously demure and spry. Alexis, I forget who you said the designer of those hot shoes was – I want to say Nicholas K – so if and when you pop by, do leave a comment with the details!

Alexis, President of Studio E, which makes hand painted wallpaper.

That’s it for the art scene folks. Ya’ll come back now, you hear?!




2 Responses to “Bite: Street Inspired Art and Fashion, and a Dose of Stranger Style”

  1. Ammar February 17, 2013 at 13:46 #

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  2. tkztkkobsv February 20, 2013 at 23:01 #

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