Dallin Chase Spring 2011 and the Anda and Masha Hat Launch

12 Sep

As I mentioned, editorial assisting the Fashion Pulse Daily blog has its perks. This is my first set of reviews, from this NY Fashion Week.  Dallin Chase and Anda and Masha, from Fashion Pulse Daily.

The Dallin Chase Spring 2011 Presentation

The theme was “anchored lightness” at the Dallin Chase Spring 2011 Presentation. The room was filled with lots of natural light and the models sported styled, beachy, wavy hair that suited the collection’s loose layers and ultra-feminine fabrics like silk, tulle, and lace. It was an interesting juxtaposition to then see the models sporting Penny Loafers, and yes, with actual pennies in them (old school!). When asked about the choice of footwear, designer Jason Cauchi said that because the collection was such a celebration of the classic separates — the cardigan, the maxi dress, the mini skirt – the Spring 2011 Dallin Chase woman would throw on these delicate pieces with her boyfriend’s shoes and let their flirty lightness do all the work.

Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr passed by to shop and support the designers.

Shoppers striking a pose in Anda and Masha hats

The Anda and Masha by Selima Hat Launch

The energy at the Anda and Masha hat launch was like a party your hat-designer girlfriend would throw, where everyone came, drank, laughed louder than the music and played musical hats with the entire collection. With pork-pies, beanies and pageboys stacked on display, everyone tried, posed and snapped themselves in the various styles, gushing about the fit and the look. Most noticeable about the collection was the complete absence of color. Every hat was black. Longtime stylists-cum-designers Anda and Masha said they have long been in search of the perfect hat, and were inspired by Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithful. Each hat, they said, is exactly something they would wear. Gossip Girl starJessica Szohr attended the event and left with four creations herself. The actress, who is a long-time fan of the design duo, said the hats are perfect accessories for bouncing around New York, especially the beanies, which she lives in all winter.




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