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Grad School Vs Fashion Week

8 Sep

Can I have these Dallin Chase fall 2010 pants please?

So I just started my first two weeks of my MFA in creative writing at Hunter College (that is my true purpose for being in NYC) and I’m struggling, let me tell you, struggling, to balance my desire to post all the time, with my desire to make the Dean’s List. But alas, here I am trying to squeeze in a post before my next crazy assignment is due.

It’s Fashion Week people, and as the editorial assistant for Fashion Pulse Daily, I am very excited to pop my NYFW cherry at a few shows. You can look out for pics and details from….

  • the Dallin Chase spring presentation, which I just did, and where layers met boyfriend casual (à la see the above from fall)
  • Christian Siriano, my favourite Project Runway alum to date. Oh my god, I’d eat a banana for him!

  • and the ever wild, Concept Korea. Are those pants awesome or what?!

So that’s what’s on my agenda in the coming days. That blur you see speed-walking everywhere, that’s me.

Till then,


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