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A Visit to the Yvette Fry Showroom

27 Sep

My friend Collie Richards, owner of one of the chicest handbag and accessory stores in Jamaica, Accessory to the Fact, was recently visiting and I got the chance to see one of the places where she gets all her incredible stock: the Yvette Fry showroom. The bookshelves of beautiful bags and bling lined the room, and it was all I could do to not claim ownership of my own fabulous store (what say you, my closet doesn’t count?) and walk out with one of everything.

That’s right, Yvette Fry is for suppliers only, but thankfully they supply to many a cool NYC boutique and store.  I don’t know about too many others, but Moo Shoes carries Yvette Fry designers, and they’re on 78 Orchard St.

The outstanding candidates of the day get some special mention. Melie Bianco made me want to throw my own bag out the window, Vieta Fashion brought new meaning to the phrase  “I have to have to this” and I had no idea who Paul Smotrys was before (pictured above), but I want him in my life from this point forward.

Scrumptious! This is the Melie Bianco Margo Canvas Tote. Gorgeous, multi-faceted, very functional…..say no more.

Remember that comment about me needing things….fringe clutch with chains.

More Melie Bianco…the Kiera Chain Bucket bag.

And one of the new arrivals for spring. Eyelet on a bag…Genius!

Just a hint of what to expect from the Vieta collection…….Stop. Just stop it.

And Paul Smotrys’ delicate but bold letter necklaces for Gauge NYC. If you think these are cool, he also does phrases and cake toppers!

Thanks to the management and staff at the Yvette Fry showroom for letting me browse around and take pics. It was such a treat!

Happy bag and bling shopping,



The Glitz of Jenny Packham, the Organics of Toni Francesc and Lulu Frost’s Modern Pioneers at New York Fashion Week Spring 2011

23 Sep

Belatedly….from Fashion Pulse Daily

[Images via]

Jenny Packham

No stranger to the red carpet, Jenny Packham brought a new twist on old Hollywood glam at her Spring 2011 show. Sequins, shimmer, sparkle, and soft shades swayed down the catwalk, evoking opulent Grecian goddesses paying Earth a visit. Mere mortals with nary a paparazzi-flocked event to attend can nonetheless enjoy Packham’s creations. Her gowns were interspersed with gauzy jumpsuits and tailored trousers, perfect for when you want to make lunch with the girls an occasion.

[Images via Kaci Hamilton]

Lulu Frost

Laid out like an exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, the models at the Lulu Frost Spring 2011 presentation were far from the dowdy, frantic-looking pioneers you envision hitching a ride west on the wagon. Instead, they channeled Christina Hendricks’ “Joan Holloway” on a Mad Men business trip to New Mexico. Turquoise meshed with pearls and Native American-inspired headpieces were given a contemporary feel with crystals and chains. Could designer Lisa Salzer set a trend if Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce opens an office out west?

[Images via]

Toni Francesc

Spanish designer Toni Francesc has translated the light and feel of the forest into an earthy, organic assembly that he fittingly called “Urban Forest”. Wooden jewelry that curved around necks and wrists like the bouts of a violin served as ideal accents to the ethereal, liquid dresses. Francesc concentrated largely on natural colors such as beige, gray, and white, which he then infused with the brights – the blues, the yellows, and the corals — much like what nature will offer up in the spring.



P.S. the featured post image is my fave Jenny Packham look. So hot!

Leather and Latex at Michael Angel, South Coast Cool at Nautica, Bauhaus for Buckler Sally Lapointe and Luis Valenzuela Spring 2011 Collections

16 Sep

Review! Reviews! More fashionable news from this fashionable week. From Fashion Pulse Daily

[Images via]

Michael Angel

Light and dark, soft and hard, thesis and antithesis…having contrasts can be a great thing. They bring dimension and diversity, adding that Je ne sais quoi where it was previously non-existent. Michael Angel’s Spring 2011 collection was full of them: hidden vs revealed, inspired by a recent trip to Rome, bursting prints vs matte, transparent latex, buttoned-up collars vs. skirts with daring slits. Throughout it all, the designer kept his trademark prints yet somehow managed to present a simple, minimalist collection that was at times, appropriately austere and lush.

[Images via]


If the models on Buckler’s Spring runway looked like fresh-faced Eastern European athletes, that look was intentional. Designer Andrew Buckler, whose self-proclaimed design concept is “English bloke meets New York,” said he was inspired by Bauhaus, as well as the 1936 Olympics. “The guys have sort of just come in off the running field,” the designer shared with FPD in a quick post-show interview. There was a weathered elegance to the pieces, with a splash of sportiness and a pinch of rock and roll. I’d like to think that if Kafka was around, he might pick up a Buckler piece or two on the way to the library, or the gym.

[Images via]


For Nautica, Spring 2011 is all about the water , the people and the places of the American Southern Coast: easy, charming, vibrant, authentic. A great showing of casual, yet put-together menswear echoed the sentiments of spring 2011: variations of khaki with a burst of color here and there is the way to go.

[Images via the Sally LaPointe Facebook page]

Sally LaPointe

“A mix of beauty and distortion, the collection is inspired by the intoxication of accepting madness.” This is the opening statement on Sally LaPointe’s Spring 2011 run-of-show. What followed was beautiful and distorted alright, with exaggerated shoulders and hips, and rose-embellished moon boots with billowing, amorphous dresses. It was foreign and bright, with lots of shimmering silver and patches of black, much like what you imagine a trip to the moon might be.

[Images via Kaci Hamilton]

Luis Valenzuela

Eco-friendly fashionistas out there, prepare to be blown away by Luis Valenzuela’s Spring 2011 collection. The artist/designer was inspired by, of all people, his grandfather, to create a women’s collection made from existing materials: a lamp shade, men’s trousers, an old chandelier. The result was a whole new take on “masculine” women’s wear. Valenzuela still managed to evoke Victorian drama even when you could see the waistband and belt loops of a pair of men’s pants as the back of a model’s dress.



Bite: Street Inspired Art and Fashion, and a Dose of Stranger Style

14 Sep

The Crowd at BITE, hosted at 3rd Streaming, 10 Greene St

On the same night as the Anda and Masha Hat Launch, I attended BITE: Street Inspired Art and Fashion where my newest “bredgren” Peter Dean Rickards was a part of the show. It was, in my opinion, a typical NYC art event: the space crammed with hipsters, the drinks nice and strong, and you never knew if you were bumping into something the curator forgot to move or an actual exhibit piece. Needless to say, I loved it!

Mr. Rickards, photographer, videographer and director, had two pieces up on the projector, Proverbs 24:10 and Street Life. Unfortunately, the party’s soundtrack drowned out his original music, but the images were haunting nonetheless, slow motion Jamaican dancers and ghetto denizen, moving to their own silent beat. For more on Peter, check out his website, or just look in astonishment at this pic right here, blatantly stolen from there…

The Afflicted Yard ¦ Kingston 2002 – 2006

There was also a quick interactive fashion show, where the models came out, both male and female, and then promptly switched jackets. When I spoke to the African designer Tunsi (damn, from exactly where in that massive continent now escapes me), he said he wanted to not only present a live look book, but also play with the idea of there being no sex. Boy puts on girl jacket, girl puts on boy jacket…..kinda gets the job done.

Models swapping jackets for Tunsi’s “Live Look Book”

The artist, Tunsi

And now for that Dose of Stranger Style. I ran into Alexis Greene on the way to the bathroom, and noticed her very simple, yet lux-looking grey dress. Turns out I was right about the lux factor, cause it came from le fabuleux Paris. Paired with a little rope belt, and the perfect pop of colour from her shoes, it was simultaneously demure and spry. Alexis, I forget who you said the designer of those hot shoes was – I want to say Nicholas K – so if and when you pop by, do leave a comment with the details!

Alexis, President of Studio E, which makes hand painted wallpaper.

That’s it for the art scene folks. Ya’ll come back now, you hear?!



Modern Bride at Anne Bowen, Christian Siriano Brings the Fierce, Cushnie et Ochs Get Soft and Three Designers Courtesy of Concept Korea

14 Sep

Once again, this is post is via Fashion Pulse Daily

[Images via Kaci Hamilton]

Anne Bowen

Guests of Anne Bowen‘s show were treated to a lot of  leg, super-high heels, and tight dresses with flowing trains and sashes at her Spring 2011 collection. The theme was “deconstructed formality;” über short, über sexy pieces with both soft and edgy masculine elements, like a delicate sash billowing off a taupe one-shoulder or a blue pinstripe short suit. The designer kept the color palette muted, with a majority of silver and nude. Known for her bridal wear, Bowen did not disappoint, as the finale piece was a Swarovski crystal beaded asymmetrical one-shouldered number. Daring brides who are ready to show some skin and leg on their big day now know where to look.

[Images via]

Christian Siriano

There were 4o reasons to celebrate at Project Runway sensation Christian Siriano‘s Spring 2011 collection. The king of “fierce”  maintained the impeccable craftsmanship and returned to the drama that made him the winner of PR Season Four, with pieces inspired by his travels in  Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean. The travel inspiration was evident from the first look:  white slim fit pants and a cognac “safari chic” leather jacket, right through to his last creation —  the fiery red tulle concoction was wonderfully impractical, yet consistent with Siriano’s over-the-top elaborate aesthetic.

[Images via]

Cushnie et Ochs

Design team Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs know how to put on a show. From the eerily wafting fog to the ethereal trip-hop soundtrack, the Cushnie et Ochs show was a cohesive experience, seemingly less about the glaring-lights-go-go-go routine of other shows and more about a sultry method of displaying the much more fluid collection this season. Less evident were some of the skin-tight, monotone mini-dresses, replaced with looser shifts in solids and the collection’s signature gray, peach and white floral print. Nevertheless, for the strong, empowered Cushnie et Ochs woman, the usual suspects — sheer elements, sharp cut-outs, and surprising pops of leather – are here to stay.

[Images via]

Concept Korea

Three designers, three shows within a show, three very different visions. Kwak Hyun Joo, Juyoung Lee, and Lee Jean Youn came together to create a show that was fun yet serious and crafted, with mixed media (videos kicking off each designer’s collection on a huge plasma screen at the head of the runway) and mixed sexes. Pucca by Hyun Joo featured pop art —  comic book-like prints that were a flirty, free cascade down the runway, with playful additions like ruffles on skirts, fluorescent mesh and tassels on strategically-placed shirt zippers. Lee‘s men’s collection, Resurrection, was like an homage to Scottish Military Goth, if such a thing existed, with a sea of black punctuated by cargo pants under kilt-like pleated skirts and strappy, military shirts and jackets.‘s collection was an ending full of contrasts, mixing leather and feathers, snake skin and organza, salmon and black and throwing in a little bridal at the end for good measure.

-Kaci Hamilton

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