Vashtie Kola and “Opulence”, and a little stranger style…

26 Aug

So remember a few posts back, when I said the next time you saw me I would have some “opulence” around my neck? Well, it took one time after that, but I got my talisman-esque bling and it is was out in full force yesterday.

The full outfit consisted of H&M top, Lush jacket, the Covington boots again, cut-off Gap denim shorts, Wal-mart tights (Oh Yes) and, of course, the Chris Habana “Opulence” necklace. Love it, I would die for it, I would eat a banana for it.

After a delicious lunch at Republic in Union Sq

Then later, my friend Debra told me to not dress up and meet her at a party on Rivington in the Lower East Side. Turns out it was the 105 Riv (Hotel Rivington) and the party was the fourth anniversary of  “1992”, the 90s party hosted by designer, music video director, style maven, lady of leisure, hip-hopstress Vashti Kola, who is one very cool chic (oh, and the music was off the chain). She’s done work with Justin Beiber, Solange Knowles, Jadakiss…Rocking red lips and some hip-hop style, she posed for a pic with Debra and I, along with her partner-in-promoting and best friend Oscar Sanchez.

The venue was small, the drinks were….no I won’t go there, but I snapped a couple shots of the crowd. It was a very just nice to be out, getting the club vibe on, without the club bull-shhhhh. I think I’m going to like this apple…

I especially love this one, something about the action of the guys and the colours. It feels like such a club photo…

On the outskirts again,


P.S. Some comedian once said that black people name their kids things they want in their lives, like Mercedes and Cash. Well Opulence Hamilton, get ready to be born.


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