Long Live Via Spiga!

3 Aug

Bronze Beauties

Breaking News Alert: I got on the good ol’ Google and searched for some fashion internships to tide me over in the Big Apple. And guess what, I landed one with Fashion Pulse Daily. So far, you could say my job description is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.N.E.S.S. Feel free to apply your own translation.

I attended my first industry event tonight, a viewing of the latest genius designs from Via Spiga, on the roof of the Empire Hotel. This is Via Spiga’s 25th anniversary, and they’ve joined up with noted jewellery designer Kenneth Jay Lane (who got his start with VOGUE and then did collections for Delman and Dior) to create a limited edition collection that will be available around October. The Capsule Collection, as it’s being called, features a signature crystal-embellished snake ornament on each shoe. And let me tell you, they are HOT!

As a lover of shoes, the footwear did not disappoint. There are certain designers that make woman feel sexy, and define how a woman wants to be, and to me, Via Spiga is one of them. A Via Spiga woman carries a business card; she knows what kind of drink she wants from the bar (i.e. she doesn’t say, “I want something fruity!”); she’s been to Europe; she doesn’t throw around the word “faaaaaa-bulous”, because she doesn’t need to; she shops at both H&M and Prada; and she eats steak. I am an aspiring Via Spiga woman.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to attend a fashion industry event, and Via Spiga has set a high bar. I was warned they’re not all like this: the cocktail dresses were abound, the Asian-infused menu was surprisingly delicious and gourmet: spring rolls, skewered beef and chicken, tuna tartare, and my personal favourite, fried mac & cheese (say whaaaaat?!), they had oodles of prosecco on hand, the decor was “cabana chic”…I kept expecting to see an NYC housewife or two. I was truly spoiled.

I got great pics of some of the fashionable attendees, as well as some industry VIPS……I have goosebumps just thinking of who I was rubbing shoulders with.  This is just the beginning of my quest to bring you fashion forward New Yorkers (and its visitors), so until I spot more style on the streets, enjoy this sneak peek into Via Spiga’s soiree on the roof of the Empire Hotel.

It's all about the shoes...

I snapped Mia, a fashion stylist, almost strictly because of her shoes. She was giving some stiff competition to the main feature. You can check her out at www.miatucker.com.

The best of the west (coast)

Gentlemen, this is how it’s done. Landon, a media producer in town from LA, knew only that he was wearing Italian, and that was enough.

When that cocktail dress is not on hand

Tracey, who actually works with the Brown Shoe Company (Via Spiga is one of their brands), showed that you can show up in jeans and more than look like you belong.

Then there were some VIPs:

This is the woman to thank!

Myself  and fellow bloggers Aly Walansky (alywalansky.com), and Ali (@wandadetroit), with Paola Venturi (in grey), creative director of Via Spiga.

Ever heard of Sam & Libby?

The highlight of my evening, meeting and having my picture taken with Libby Edelman, of Edelman PR and of course, shoe-aholic sustenance, Sam & Libby.

The Empire, up in lights!

And that’s all she wrote.

Till next time….



One Response to “Long Live Via Spiga!”

  1. Allie August 3, 2010 at 13:46 #

    I love your recap of the night! It was truly great to meet (and eat! haha) with you! A fabulous night all around!!

    PS: Your fave show was also my fave. Sighhhh! So gorgeous!

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