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Vashtie Kola and “Opulence”, and a little stranger style…

26 Aug

So remember a few posts back, when I said the next time you saw me I would have some “opulence” around my neck? Well, it took one time after that, but I got my talisman-esque bling and it is was out in full force yesterday.

The full outfit consisted of H&M top, Lush jacket, the Covington boots again, cut-off Gap denim shorts, Wal-mart tights (Oh Yes) and, of course, the Chris Habana “Opulence” necklace. Love it, I would die for it, I would eat a banana for it.

After a delicious lunch at Republic in Union Sq

Then later, my friend Debra told me to not dress up and meet her at a party on Rivington in the Lower East Side. Turns out it was the 105 Riv (Hotel Rivington) and the party was the fourth anniversary of  “1992”, the 90s party hosted by designer, music video director, style maven, lady of leisure, hip-hopstress Vashti Kola, who is one very cool chic (oh, and the music was off the chain). She’s done work with Justin Beiber, Solange Knowles, Jadakiss…Rocking red lips and some hip-hop style, she posed for a pic with Debra and I, along with her partner-in-promoting and best friend Oscar Sanchez.

The venue was small, the drinks were….no I won’t go there, but I snapped a couple shots of the crowd. It was a very just nice to be out, getting the club vibe on, without the club bull-shhhhh. I think I’m going to like this apple…

I especially love this one, something about the action of the guys and the colours. It feels like such a club photo…

On the outskirts again,


P.S. Some comedian once said that black people name their kids things they want in their lives, like Mercedes and Cash. Well Opulence Hamilton, get ready to be born.


A Dose of Stranger Style

23 Aug

And today that Stranger Style is mine! I was feeling the autumnal breeze and felt like boots and black, two things the summer has not even remotely permitted (see previous “I don’t know how I feel about that” posts).

So out came some H&M jeans, a black top from a store in Jamaica (but it’s soooo cool), Covington boots, Gucci bag (a recent inheritance from my Aunt June!), and Oscar de la Renta shades.


P.S. Check out the back! Left the camera at home, so thanks Forever 21 Union Square, for having such slimming mirrors!

Website I Love: Twenty8Twelve (Oh Yeah, and the Clothes Rock Too!)

17 Aug

Savannah and Sienna, from

I’m aways traipsing across the Internet, clicking on this, clicking on that, and looking for inspiration and things to appreciate.  So I decided to share a site that I found refreshing, especially when the people behind it hardly need to put in the extra effort.

Some of you may have  heard of a little style maven named Sienna Miller, and may even own a piece or two of the clothes designed by her and her sister, Savannah, so it’s fair to say they could just put up an HTML site with one sentence: If you like it, buy it.

I mean, check out this look below…some structure, some softness, some definite flirtation. I see me in this with some lace up gold/tan booties and layers of gold chains….let the flirtation begin!

T8T Depp dress, courtesy of

But instead on sitting on their famous haunches, the Miller sisters have created a personable and engaging site, that is some parts blog, some parts look book, some parts magazine:

  • Like the Twenty8Twelve-by-numbers column, like “264,000 – units produced from first season to date”, and “15 – pairs of shoes in our first show”.
  • The “Working Together” page that’s made up of alternating quotes from the sisters, instead of some dry third-person narrative that’s just a little too constructed.
  • And my personal fave, the tons of baby pics, like this little number here…

Sienna and Savannah, as bambinos, from

…that show that these ladies are REALLY partners, and, as Sienna says “When you grow up together and share a life as each other’s half until you leave home, it’s inevitable, or was at least for us, that you share an appreciation of a similar aesthetic. We have always said that we are each other’s other half. We lived together while Sav was freelancing and that was when we realized that working together felt like a natural and logical step to take. Where one stumbles, the other one stands tall, so working together is a really complete experience”.

  • Oh, oh, and my second personal fave, pics of their fans, women of all sizes, ages and tastes, wearing their Twenty8Twelve pieces. With the cascade of thinness still thrust at us from magazine pages, it’s nice to remember who ACTUALLY ends up in the clothes. Like this woman…

Real person, wearing Twenty8Twelve, from

    So in addition to making fun, London-chic clothes, the Miller sisters seem like pretty cool chicks.



    My First Sample Sale, NYC-style

    16 Aug

    Chris Habana "Opulence" necklace - my personal fave

    This week I was finally able, for the first time, to hit up one of the awesome happenings Daily Candy oh so sweetly sends to my inbox. It was a sample sale featuring three local jewelry designers, but up until I climbed the narrow stairs to the even narrower first floor apartment, I had no idea what to expect.

    I was promptly offered a glass of vino (my, what a great start!) and heard that the three designers had just, sort of,  spontaneously got together (none of them knew each other previously, they just respected each other’s work) and decided to have a little sale.

    Gabriel J Shuldiner was in the building, and there was Chris Habana and the lone chica, Elizabeth Knight. It was a very NYC gathering, with a mix of shoppers, assistants to the designers, friends, in this tiny apartment that could comfortably hold about five people. Wish I’d taken decor pics, because the walls had tons of funky, latino-esque religious art. Ah, next time, if there is one!

    Elizabeth’s pieces were eclectic and very paleontological….

    …made from the actual vertebrae and skeletons of frogs and other little creatures, like this pin. Tres, tres cool.

    Her pieces were such an incredible mix of gruesome (in a totally good way!) and delicate. Bone lovers unite.

    Then Gabriel Shuldiner’s pieces were mini-versions of his sculptures, using recycled and modified resins. Very dark and amorphous, yet strong and sexy…

    Chris Habana’s pieces reminded me of the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch/when-Queen-Latifah-was-a-rapper era, without lookout like a played-out 90s re-creation. Hip-hop slang and, yes, opulence was abound; it was just the right amount of understated.

    And sure enough, the Hip-hop fans, have come a callin’. I hear Kelis is a fan of the above earrings, and that’s just who I could envision in them. I also picked Rihanna or M.I.A in a close second.

    My favourite thing about this, my first sample sale: super small and intimate, and despite that there wasn’t a rhinestone in sight, I thought everything was beautiful.

    The next time you see me, I plan to have some “opulence” around my neck.

    Till then,


    A Dose of Stranger Style

    12 Aug

    I recently attended the Garnier Backyard BBQ, hosted atop the lovely Empire Hotel, and in between tours of all the new products, I spotted one very snazzy attendee looking very chic and keeping very cool. (I never thought I’d say this, but I want it to be winter!)

    On her way out, I snapped a shot and had to get a close-up of her incredible bangle (that word really seems weird on its own).

    I’ll take that alligator wrapped around my arm any day! Unfortunately, I am a bad fashion editorial assistant, and I have no idea where to find such a bangle, what it’s made of, how long she’s had it, nada! So we’ll all just have to look longingly and admire from a place of complete non-information. It is beautiful though, n’est pas?

    More on the Garnier fun in a few.

    Till then,


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