Who Loves Freeness?!!

27 Jul

Do you love getting things for free as much as I do? Well, Summerstage is the pinnacle of juicy, free action. Raphael Saadiq, Chrisette Michele, Mario, the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, all these incredible people who clearly love what they do, they’re willing to do it for free. Aren’t you special.

Last week, before NYC turned into Nebraska with Tornado-watch, I was simmering in my own sweat, swaying amid the packed crowd to the sounds of Raphael Saadiq. The man must be on crack, because there is no way I would have put that much energy into a free show. But every time he said, “Thank you, you guys are great…” he would launch right into another song. Hey, I wasn’t complaining.  He did some new tracks, some Lucy Pearl shiz-nizzle, and may have even dipped into Tony Tony Tony. I have to admit, that was before my time, so I’m only guessing.

Check out my shaky video and pay close attention to his female back-up singer, she’s on the right. I predict she’s going to be her own star in about a year, and I also think for every snort Raphael takes, she takes two.

Then came the Tornado-watch weekend….when I got to see two spectacular displays of contemporary dance stupendousness, courtesy of Alvin Ailey. The rain came down, after two songs, and the thunder and lightning cracked and we had to stampede out of Central Park. Quel Dommage….

But the band played long enough for the audience to get a little taste of the above and below. They were back on stage the next day but it was 98 degrees and I love Alvin, but not enough to get heat stroke.

When Michael Kors hires me and pays me the big bucks, I’ll go see them full price. Till, then, Summerstage baby!

À bientôt,



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